Artsvik in 2017, a peculiar low-key yet mildly catchy effort called "Fly WIth Me". The last song of the year to be released and not without merit. It's here
Iveta Mukuchyan will attempt to get mucky in a pseudo-family setting with "Lovewave". After 30 seconds a wasp's nest kicks in and then she goes mad here
Never failing to disappoint, Armenia have put a call of mediocrity out to all corners of the diasporian world and come up with Genealogy with "Face the Shadow". It'll probably get to the Final but my, it shouldn't. Here
The favourite is from Armenia this year, in the peculiarly named local tv star "Aram mp3" with "Not Alone". You can see if you think it will prevail here

The Guide Book Says...

Armenia - acknowledged as one of the cradles of civilization - is a beautiful country with a sophisticated people and a long and cultured history. As a result, Armenia is an intriguing tourist destination. Numerous monuments and masterpieces of the Ancient era and Middle Ages can be found throughout the country. The monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin enjoy have been given the status of world heritage sites. Tourism in Armenia is rooted in the country's historical landmarks and natural attractions such as the water resorts of Lake Sevan,the hot springs of Arzni and Jermuk, the forests of Dilijan, Aghveran, Tsaghkadzor, Bjurakan and Gugark. The 5165 meter Mount Ararat, geographically located in Turkey, is a national symbol of Armenia and is visible from much of the Southwest region.


With an area of 29,800 square kilometers (11,490 square miles), the landlocked country, is just about the size of Vancouver Island.

1999 Armenia joins Council of Europe 1994 Assassination of Prime Minister in Parliament 1988 Independence of the Republic of Armenia 1965 Massive anti-Turkish demonstration in Yerevan 1956> Major rebuilding of Yerevan 1939 Turkey annexes Alexandretta, all but 600 Armenians flee 1936-39 Beria's great purge 1922 Republic joins Soviet Union 1922 Georgia-Armenia-Azerbaijan treaty creates Transcaucasian Republic 1894-6 Reign of terror by Sultan Abdul Hamid; 200,000 killed 1870 Ceded to Russia 1836 Siege of Kars in Crimean War 1828-9 Russo-Turkish War 1827 Yerevan captured by Count Paskievich-Erivansky 1813 Treaty of Gulistan with Persia 1639 Armenia divided between Turkey and Persia 1502 Ismail of Persia conquers much of Armenia from Turcomans 1373 Last King of Armenia, Leo V 1236 Mongol invasion 922 Ashot II able to assume title of 'King of Kings' 861 Title of 'Prince of Princes' conferred on Ashot Bagratuni 640 Arabs first appear in Armenia 405 Mesrop Mashtots creates alphabet 387 Armenia is partitioned between Rome and Persia 301 Christianity is made the state religion B.C 66 Tigranes the Great surrenders to Pompey 4thC Orontes founds dynasty 14thC Hittite annals refer to small kingdoms in the area.


"The capital city Yerevan, which is nestled in the shadow of the snow-capped heights of the majestic mount Ararat, where the Biblical Noah's Ark first landed escaping the Great Flood, is the main tourist gateway. As you explore the many interesting sights in Yerevan, you will learn about the culture and history of one of the world's oldest nations. You can gain further insights into Armenian cultural achievements at museums, theaters and concert halls. Theater in Armenia has a tradition dating back more than 2,000 years. You can attend a wide choice of performances ranging from concerts to puppet theater and jazz music."

Cher (Cherylin Sarkissian)

Andre Agassi, Alain Prost

Eric Bogosian, Atom Egoyan, Charles Aznavour

Garry Kasparov

Aram Khachaturian

Seymour Skinner

The Zildjians (makers of cymbals)

Princess Di (1/64th Armemian "famous for not being aloof")


Life Expectancy 67.97 Male 75.75 Female
Internet Use 15 per 10000 people
Airports 16
Radios 217 per 1000 people
Railway Network 528 miles in length