Naviband for Belarus in 2017, with their first and probably only shot at singing in their national language. I want to like it, but as a grump I can't bring myself the story of my life & it's here
Early rumours point to tesselated nakedness from lank haired IVAN (yet more capitalised pretension) with "Help you Fly". Watch as the production likely crashes and burns. It's here
More imprenetrable balls from Minsk this time in form of "Time" from Uzari & Maimuna. I can't see it doing particularly well, can you? It can be found here
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Getting information about Belarus has proved to be a difficult task, as it seems to be regulated by the government's tight control over mass media. Oops, there's a knocking on my door...

Belorussians have the most cinemas per head in the world, but their phone calls are very expensive, so they must just meet up outside the Curzon automatically each week.

In August 2002, Belorussian president Alexander Lukashenko ordered the closure of the most popular McDonald's restaurants in the capital, Minsk, and denied McDonald's permission to open any more outlets. Why? Because, he explained, hamburgers are unhealthy. Lukashenko instead suggested a new fast food chain serving cabbage soup. It would also serve fried mashed potato pancakes and greasy sausages. Mmm.

Thieves who stole a public toilet in a Belarus city accidentally kidnapped a man who was sitting on it at the time.
Pravda reports that the thieves stole the portable toilet in the city of Gomel, Belarus, and loaded it on to their tractor trailer.
They played it so cool that passers-by presumed they were taking it away legitimately - but one man knew better.
He was sat on the toilet at the time and was startled to suddenly find himself being carried through the city on the back of a tractor.
The 45-year-old man was trapped and could not release himself until the rope the thieves had tied around the cubicle loosened because of the jolting ride. He finally opened the door to find he was being driven at full speed through the city's suburbs. He jumped off the tractor and broke his collar-bone.
The man reported the incident to the police and officers eventually tracked down the missing toilet to the house of a local resident.

5th/8thC's Settled byEast Slavic tribes, ancestors of present-day Belorussians.14th century Incorporated within Slavonic Grand Duchy of Lithuania. 1569 Union with Poland. 1812 Minsk destroyed by Napoleon Bonaparte. 1919-20 Wars between Poland and Soviet Russia over control of Belarus. 1921 West Belarus was ruled by Poland East Belarus became a Soviet republic. 1930s Agriculture collectivized despite peasant resistance over 100,000 people shot in mass executions ordered by Stalin. 1941-44 Nazi occupation resulted in the death of 1.3 million people. 1986 Fallout from the nearby Chernobyl nuclear reactor in Ukraine rendered 20% agricultural land unusable. 1990 Belorussian was established as the state language and republican sovereignty declared. 1991 The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) was formed in Minsk. 1998 The rouble was devalued. A new left-wing and centrist political coalition was created. Food rationing imposed. 2002 US & 14 EU states impose travel ban on Lukashenko over poor human rights record. 2004 Referendum in favour of allowing country's president to serve more than previous limit of two terms. Opposition parties fail to win a single seat. Street protests ensue.

Belarus is...
"Alongside with well-educated and tolerant people, the Belarussian nature is considered to be our great treasure. The country is especially beautiful in summer when travellers can gaze at picturesque landscapes. The endless woodlands, deep rivers and lakes, vast fields and meadows of fragrant grass have always been an enjoyable sight for residents and visitors. The Belarussian forests can be compared to a treasury."

the capital is..  
Minsk is an ancient town, the first mention goes back to 1067. Legend has it that a giant called Menesk had a mill on the banks of a river nearby the city. He used to grind stones for making bread in order to feed his warriors. But putting aside that flight of fancy, then the name Minsk more likely comes from the word miena ("barter" in English) based on the city's long commercial history.
"Many times during its 900 year history it was burned fully, ruined by the conquerors, but again and again it rose from the ruins, every time renewing its appearance. That is why very often it is compared to the Phoenix."

The first 200 vacuum cleaners "Tornado" have gone on sale in the Belarusian trade chains. This is the first household appliance of the kind in the history of the Belarusian industry. The appliance excels by its modern design and high technical qualities. It is not big, but powerful enough and is capable to compete with foreign analogues. 18/11/03

A woman from Belorussia has taken the Sauna World Championship title. Natalia Trifanova took the Sauna Queen with a time of 13 minutes. "I'm pink but happy," said the 36-year-old music teacher from Minsk. "I got a lot of satisfaction sitting in there today. It's an extreme sport for me." Men and women from 15 countries competed to see who could last the longest in 110 degrees Celsius.

Louis B Mayer film producer & founder of MGM

Janice Dickinson supermodel and celebrity slut (solid combo)

Max Miryni tennis player with a solid name


Life Expectancy     62.3 Men 74.6 Women
Airports   135
Radios     296 per 1,000 people
Internet users     9.7 per 10,000 people
Railway Network   3410 miles
Death penalty retained and used for ordinary crimes