Busty south Scandinavian songstress Anja Nijssen (born in Australia) will be performing a higher quality MOR effort from the oft-disappointing nation. It's here

Lighthouse X will be performing "Soldiers of Love". The usual middle England suburban desperation of niceties and soul-stripping blandness from the Danes. Better than last year though. It's here
If they carry on like this, Denmark may be represented by Clayderman next year. A band called Anti Social Media will be flogging "The Way You Are" to daytime TV shows & kid's channels after the contest. I dislike it intensely. It's here
The hosts have cemented their MOR Scandi uncool with a Bruno Mars tribute act named Basim with "Cliche Love Song", here

I spent almost two weeks of 2003 travelling around Denmark in a Megane. And mightily enjoyable (if expensive) it was too (Denmark that is, rather than the Megane). Ribe, Odense, Aarhus, and Copenhagen were the main stops. So rather than bore you with the details, I’ll say that Denmark is a good idea for a short break. Aarhus and Copenhagen are especially pleasant places in which to spend a weekend.

There aren’t many people who don’t enjoy sitting at a canalside bar in summer, enjoying a drink, watching the world go by, and Denmark is good value for that.

...A forgetful grandad sparked a major police hunt in Denmark after he picked up the wrong child from the wrong nursery. The 75-year-old, from Copenhagen, offered to pick up his 15-month-old grandson, Jonas, from the creche in the district of Valby. But when he arrived back at their home he found his daughter had already picked up her son. The confused grandad had gone to the wrong nursery and collected another boy called Jonas. The family immediately drove the toddler back to the creche where they were met by police, who thought the child had been kidnapped. No charges were brought against the old man after he explained the mistake, despite 20 officers with police dogs being brought in to search the neighbourhood.

Rapper Busta Rhymes is said to have suffered an embarrassing moment during a gig in Copenhagen. He picked on a member of the audience for not standing up - unaware the fan was in a wheelchair. Busta told the crowd: "I didn't come from the other end of the world to see people sit on their ass. Everybody get up." He's then reported to have picked on one man in the front row, not noticing he was in a wheelchair.

The Tourist Guide "You’ll be charmed by the enthralling magic of Denmark, from the sophisticated island capital of Copenhagen, to the children’s holiday paradise of Lego land, from fantasy castles to the stunning national parks of this north European land.

Home to the Little Mermaid, Lego, and Carlsberg beer; ancient home to the Vikings; gateway to Scandinavia....come to Denmark and enjoy all this magical country has to offer."

400-500 Jutes of Jutland, migrate to Britain. 959-987 Harald Bluetooth, attributes himself the unification of Denmark - Christianity introduced. 1018-1035 Canute becomes King of Denmark & England. 1380 Iceland falls under Danish control. 1397 Union of Kalmar unites Denmark, Sweden and Norway under a single monarch. Denmark is the dominant power. 1729 Greenland becomes Danish province. 1814 Denmark cedes Norway to Sweden. 1849 Denmark becomes constitutional monarchy. 1914-18 Denmark is neutral during World War I. 1930s Welfare state established. 1940 Nazi invasion meets virtually no initial resistance. 1943 Danish resistance prompts Germany to take over full control of Danish affairs. 1945 Denmark recognises Iceland's independence. 1948 Faroe Islands granted self-government. 1953 Greenland becomes integral part of Denmark. 1973 Denmark joins the EEC. 1979 Greenland is granted home rule. 1992 Danes approve the Maastricht Treaty after Denmark is granted certain opt-outs. 2000 Danes reject adoption of the euro. New bridge and tunnel link Copenhagen with Sweden. 2002 New government measures aimed at reducing immigration spark controversy.

The Capital

"Welcome to wonderful Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark!

Discover our royal capital by strolling along the streets and canals from the 17th century. Visit one of many museums with international or local exhibitions. Shop Danish design and taste some of the delicious dishes from the Danish kitchen.There's no end of things to do and public transportations including the fixed link between Copenhagen and Malmö, Sweden, makes it easy to travel round and about and discover Copenhagen and its surroundings".

Niels Bohr (not dull, despite the name)

Bille August

Victor Borge

Lars Von Trier

Saxo Grammaticus (historian...love the name)

Karen Blixen


Life expectancy

74.3 men 79.67 women
Airports 99
Radios 1,141per 1,000 people
Internet Users 2,823 per 10,000 people
Railway Network 2,087 miles
Death Penalty Abolished in 1978