I'd like to know what you reckon to this site. Has it got all the sophistication of Teach In? The class of Guildo Horn? The élan of Alf Poier? I admit that's it's full of bluster and a bit rough around the edges, but that's what you get when you base a site on Kiki Daniellsson. Please write your thoughts in the comments box below, and press sorted. Many thanks. Nick.
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"A feet stomping Ruslana the warrior princess of a site, carving up all before her"
"When the world looks funny, everything is sunny, Teach In type of feeling"
"Pub singing Lou puts a smile on your face"
"A lovely Birgitta Haukdal type of effort, with plastic flowers aplenty"
"A winner, but like Tanel Padar & Dave Benton, massive room for improvement"
"Near but no cigar, but taking defeat well, like Geir Ronning"
"Near but no cigar, taking defeat very badly, like Angelika Agurbash"
"A modern UK type of finish, battling against the vagaries of European voting"
"Not my cup of tea. Would rather creosote my genitalia"
"Very much like Dion the unholy one. Makes me gag"
"A feeling not unlike watching Jahn Teigen sticking pins in his face"
Alternatively if everything else fails, you could always email nicefeedback@douzepoints.com (cos you and I both know that this page isn't working properly yet)