Lebanon are in the peculiar situation of having a page devoted to them, without ever actually having performed in the Eurosong. Needless to say they won't be any show in the near future, as they refuse to recognise that Israel are in the competition (ridiculous on many levels, more unstandable from a musical perspective)

The Tourist Guide says

"Lebanon’s diverse patchwork of Mediterranean-lapped coast, rugged alpine peaks and green, fertile valleys is packed into a parcel of land some 225km long and 46km wide—an area approximately the size of Cyprus or Connecticut. An ancient land, Lebanon features in the writings of Homer and in the Old Testament. Its cities were major outposts and seaports in Phoenician and Roman times, just two of the great civilizations that touched this important Middle Eastern crossroads."


"Lebanon’s capital city is a vibrant, stylish metropolis, with all of the fun, fashion, and flair that a city lover could look for. All over the city, sleek, modern buildings are springing up, alongside arabesque Ottoman and French-style buildings, giving Beirut a unique style that is all its own. Perched on the shore of the blue Mediterranean Sea, Beirut has a balmy, mild climate that is perfect for year round visits. From sipping coffee at an open air café, to shopping for cutting edge fashions at a boutique shop, to exploring the treasures of the country’s National Museum, to dancing the night away at a trendy club, Beirut has something to offer for everyone."

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Famous Lebanese

Shakira, Frank Zappa, Paul Anka, Tiffany Singers
Salma Hayek, Marisa Tomei, Shannon Elizabeth, Yasmine Bleeth Actresses
F Murray Abraham Actor
William Peter Blatty Author
Gabriel Yared Composer


Life expectancy

69.91 men 74.91 women
Airports 8
Radios No figures
Internet Users No figures
Railway Network 240 miles
Death Penalty information not available