Fusedmarc will be leaving on Thursday night, as "Rain of Revolution" is truly without merit in every respect. Listen and learn here if you don't value your time
Rest easy all. I know you were pining. Donny "The blindfold" Montell is back in 2016 with "I've been waiting for this night". And whether you've been waiting or not, I can say without doubt that he's still got that cheeky wink and a deeply average shoutathon. A similar ending awaits here
Full on lip-smacking snogging alert. Monika Linkyte will be successfully tempting Vaidas Baumila with her ample cleavage and "This Time" a horrid romp through most that is bad about Eurosong duets. It's here
Vilija Mataciunaite has turned in "Attention" in 2014, a typically peculiar rendition from the Lithuanian peoples, a few different styles that make mostly nothing. You can agree or not here
With a forehead with an independent momentum of it's own, Andrius Pojavis will be performing "Something" a terrible pop effort which inexplicably had some early support from damp fans. Learn more here
Blindfolded Donny Montell (or Donatas Montvydas to his mum) easily won his national final which I was bamboozled by at the time. Listening to "Love is blind" since, only reminds me how deeply low-rent it is. You can decide here

The Tourist Guide says

"Nature has been generous to Lithuania. Although there are no mountains or great forests, the country's beauty lies in the diversity of its landscape. This is a place of rolling hills and gentle plains; of quietly flowing rivers and of lakes which reflect the blueness of the sky. The largest river, the Nemunas, gathers and carries the waters of many tributaries to the Baltic Sea, wherein lies Lithuania's famous "amber coast". Called the Curonian Spit, it is a sixty mile-long bank of sand dunes and pine trees which stretches from the southwest to the seaport of Klaipeda and encloses the vast Curonian Lagoon. For centuries, amber, Lithuania's precious harvest of the sea, has been washed onto these golden sands."


"The capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, is also the country's largest and most beautiful city with a population of approximately 576,000. Vilnius was built at the confluence of the Neris and Vilnia rivers surrounded by picturesque wooded hills. First mentioned in historical documents in 1323, the city's subsequent history has been as turbulent as the nation's. Over many centuries it has been repeatedly plundered during wars, devastated by many fires and has suffered numerous occupations. Yet, the city has managed to retain its unique character as a northerly cultural meeting point at the crossroads of the Roman and the Byzantine and the European and the Eurasian worlds. Vilnius' Old Town, covering 255 hectares of the city, has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. "

Mayhem and general merriment engulfed the streets and bars this past September as the Lithuanian National Basketball team won the European Championships for the first time since 1939.
To say it was merely a big deal aloud would be a dangerous understatement. It was, as one man deeply intoxicated with the victory said, “the greatest day of my life.”As the buzzer rang on a relatively unexciting game, the Lithuanian team rolled off the courts into the locker rooms while thousands of upon thousands of fans flooded the streets in a make-shift, circuitous parade of passion. Eye witness accounts of the night range in craziness from a totally-nude man bouncing up and down Vokieciu street in Vilnius, to a group of people swimming in the filthy fountain on the same street. Street lights were torn down by the sheer weight of the men climbing up on to them and street bums were euphoric with glee as the typical-frigid passersby were high fiving and even hugging them.

2000 B.C. Lithuania settled 1200 Lithuania is still pagan and will remain so for several hundred more years. Lithuanians believed fire embodies the divine. 1323 Vilnius founded. 1386 To keep the Germans at bay, the Lithuanian Grand Duke and Polish Queen wed, creating a monarchial union. 1392-1430 Lithuania-Poland stretches to the Black Sea. 1400s Jews begin to settle in Lithuania. 1657 The plague strikes and half the Vilnius' residents die.
1795 Lithuania placed in Russia. 1900 Lithuanians begin emigrating en mass to escape Czarist persecution. 1920 Lithuania secures independence 1941 Nazis occupy Lithuania. Most of Lithuania's 240,000 Jews are killed. 1944 Soviets occupy Lithuania again. Over 500,000 Lithuanians are either deported, forced into exile, jailed or shot.
1990 Lithuania declares independence, the first Soviet republic to do so. 1991 Soviet crackdown kills 13 civilians in Vilnius; in August, after a failed Kremlin coup, Lithuania wins independence. May 1, 2004 Lithuania joins the European Union.


Emma Goldman
Sarunas Marciulionis
Walther Matthau, Charles, Bronson, Laurence Harvey
The Three Stooges

Monica Lewinsky

Hannibal Lecter


Life expectancy

63.54 men 75.6 women
Airports 102
Radios 513 per 1,000 people
Internet Users 278.3 per 10,000 people
Railway Network 1247miles
Death Penalty abolished in 1998