Having already tried to ruin our evening in 2010, Sun Stroke Project are back, this time on their own, assailing us all with their manic low quality performing and pretend musicality. More low rent kids party nastiness here

More low-rent generic pop from the wilds of Chisinau in'16. Lidia Isac is the wailing waif performing "Falling Stars". It's a bit of a rocky crash and burn number which isn't probably going to make the weekend. It's here

Eduard Romanyuta wants your love with "I want your love" in '15. Teddy will likely get the pubescent girl vote but little else. You can decide here
Cristina Scarlat will be performing a crime with the spanner in the Billiard Room in the form of "Wild Soul", dressed in a bargain half robot kit, whilst circled by a helicopter. Enjoy here
Aliona Moon and her bucketload of hairspray will be landing in Malmö with the pop ballard "O Mie". It was written by last year's Pasha which is causing a level of excitement completely unbeffiting of the song itself. Learn about it here
Pasha Perfeny will be brightening up all our lives in 2012 with a horn-heavy happy-clappy Kid Creole like effort called "Lautar". In similar vein to last year, but with more of a tune, and at least this is more deserving of success. Wish it well here

The Tourist Guide says

The Republic of Moldova is a small country, favorably situated in the Southeast part of Europe, neighboring Romania to the West and Ukraine to the East. This piece of land boasts a rich history, abundant in dramatic and agitated events.

Moldova is a European Country, which has a rich ethnic history. The majority of the population are Moldovans (Romanians), but the following national minorities live on this territory too: Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Gagauzians, Russians, Germans, Greeks, and others. In Moldova many traditions are centuries old. It is hard to believe that the multi-ethnic character of the country still exists within the popular traditions. What’s more it has enriched them with new qualities, giving them a new colour and transforming them into an original bunch of customs, rituals, and folklore present in Moldovan villages. In spite of the differences of nationalities, the people here have the most important quality – Hospitality. In Moldova every guest is received with a special warmth.



"Chisinau is a significant administrative, political, economic, scientific, cultural and touristic centre of the Republic of Moldova. The first historic record of the name Chisinau goes back to July 17 1436. The name derives from a word meaning “spring, pump, pipe”.

Bank clerks in Moldova have been told not to make eye contact with customers after a string of robberies by a hypnotist.
The robber reportedly puts cashiers into a trance before making them hand over tens of thousands of pounds.
Local police said the criminal, who they believe is a trained hypnotist from Russia, begins talking to bank tellers and gradually hypnotises them.
He then gets them to give him money before bringing them back out of the trance and leaving them with no memory of handing over the cash, Russian media reported.
Officers, who are still looking for the man, said he took more than £20,000 in his last robbery.


to come

Radu Poklitaru - Choreographer
Radu Marian - Opera Singer
Iurie Canashin - Sculptor


Life expectancy

60.88 men 69.39 women
Airports 24
Radios no usage figures
Internet Users 34 per 1,000 people
Railway Network 682 miles
Death Penalty abolished in 1962 (Grace Kelly, bad taste)