Cheese alert! Manel Navarro is spreading the message of "Do it for your lover", a wholly offensive torpid ear-worm terror that most certainly wouldn't have made it to the Final under normal circumstances. Here if you dare
Yay to "Say Yay". It took me to become a man (arguably) until I could finally say "yes the Spanish song is my favourite of the year.." Barei has an empty headed uptempo bit of fluff, but in a unremarkable year it surely gets my vote. Swivel those feet here
Leggy Hispanic Edurne is getting a fair few damp fans excited in 2015 with "Amanecer". I however am bone dry, and I just can't see what the fuss is about. You can find it here
Eurosong finally gets that UK X-Factor representative we've all been waiting for in the shape of Ruth Lorenzo and her ballard "Dancing in the rain". It's derivative, repetitive, and shouty, so has many of the ingredients required for a good showing. It's here
Regional lite-folk is the order of the day for the Spanish in 2013, a trio of acoustic players called ESDM with the catchy title "Contigo Hasta el Final (With You Until The End)". It's going nowhere here
.An impressively able looking woman, Pastora Soler will surprisingly be singing a ballard in 2012 which is a tad mis-matched to her Latin temperament. Ms Soler can be found here
Lucia Perez fills the column inches just with the song title in 2011. It's called (deep breath...) "Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao - They Can't Take The Fun Away From Me". Read more here, but I have very little room to write anything else now apart from to say it's a bit sh..

The Tourist Guide says

"A trip to Spain is a celebration of diversity, an opportunity to enjoy our excellent climate, excellent cuisine, and joie de vivre. But also, it is a chance to discover our exceptional monumental heritage; to experience our unique, dazzling natural environment; to become acquainted with the customs of our people, and to share with them their holiday celebrations and popular traditions. Taking a trip to Spain means to live an experience that you will never forget."



"One cannot help but notice the green blotch on a map of Madrid. Parque Del Retiro is more than a nature walk. In fact, many visitors return several times during their stay for the ever-changing offerings of street performers, boating, skating, and puppet shows.
The city offers many interesting museums, with the world-famous Prado National Museum leading the way with massive collections of Goya and Velázquez."

There are calls for a Spanish-language website which predicts the date and manner of its of users' deaths to be shut down.
The predictions are based on responses to 23 questions like Do you like driving fast? Have you ever considered suicide? And do you own a firearm?
Users have been told they won't come out of a coma, they will kill themselves drink-driving and that they will be killed in a terrorist attack. The website's designers at Sycn Internaiment of Zaragoza claim that by answering truthfully users will get the answer to one of mankind's most frequently asked questions.
The site has proved a hit in South America but has also caused controversy. One 14-year-old Chilean schoolgirl was told: "You will die in 2018 slashing your wrists in front of a mirror." Another girl said she had nightmares after reading she would be strangled by a psychopath.

to come

A Spanish aristocrat has become the first person to cross the Atlantic by jet ski. Alvaro De Marichalar landed on Miami beach four months after setting off from Rome. He spent an average 12 hours a day on the water and slept on a support boat, never stepping ashore. Count Alvaro, brother-in-law of Princess Elena of Spain, drank milkshakes and ate grapes and bananas to keep up his strength. He told the Miami Herald the hardest part of the challenge was the cold weather and 18-foot waves. Count Alvaro stood up on the jet ski for most of the journey to prevent possible injury to his spine.

The 16th century Escorial palace of King Phillip II of Spain had 2673 doors. So there.

Rita Hayworth, Pedro Almodovar, Fernando Rey, Julio Inglesias, 
Salvador Dali, Francisco Goya, Pablo Picasso, El Greco,
Diego Velazquez, El Cid

Marcus Aurelius, Hadrian, Pontius Pilate

Miguel Indurain, Severiano Ballesteros


Life expectancy

75.63 men 82.76 women
Airports 156
Radios 333per 1,000 people
Internet Users 717.9 per 10,000 people
Railway Network 9,552 miles
Death Penalty abolished in 1995