19 year old Maja Keuc is trying her hand at the performing arts, even though her family have a long heritage within the catering industry. Walking the stage in thigh high boots, Ms Cook belts out a power ballard with impressive gusto. At this point I have to hold my hands up and say my early April prediction (below) was way off the mark. Most previous sub-007 anthems have performed well, and this is most definitely a grower in the Bassey camp. Sounds strong, looks feminine, and you never know it may get Slovenia through the semi's for the only the second time. I wish her, and her 12" stilettos, well.

25 year old Lucia was born in the village of Goo (near the town of O Incio, in the province of Lugo). How great is that! She has clearly taken Spanish enunciation lessons, and she confidently gets her tonsils around the usual 10 words per second Spanish entrant whilst maintaining an infectious wide eyed smile. Admittedly most of the words are "woah" accompanied by sychronised arm waving but I'm almost tempted to forgive her that. Ultimately one for the tight trousered Euro visitors only, and unlikely to have the necessary wide appeal to hit the left part of the board.


As is typical, much has been written about the Swedish selection, mostly due to the relative resource they put into each year's entrant. I for one feel this is largely to be applauded, but my clapping dies quickly when faced with a twerp in a glass box. 20 year old Eric Saade of Kattarp will be getting the German brooms out in 2011 but I bet he doesn't offer to clear up. It's funny how such a fast-paced song can employ such lazy lyrics. Wow at the rhyming of "impossible" with "possible"... Gasp at the repetition of the title 25 times... Shout in dismay when this finishes in the top ten or higher.


Another bizarrely incoherent effort from the Swiss in the form of 23 year old Ms Rossinelli who appears to be too cool for school. Apparently she likes being barefoot and isn't one for overemoting. At least they have a Swiss national (2nd year running no less), although she'snot the most sutle on stilettos. For me it's an extremely long 3 minutes of gossamer shite. Sparkles try to add glam, a whole 30 seconds of "na" irks massively, and I honestly believed it was doomed to make another Swiss semi final exit. I was wrong. Nice to know that being isolationists sometimes are recognised. Not thieves though.

I'm starting to think there is thriving heavy industry in Turkey. If it's a Turkish bloke in Eurosong they come across as either grease monkeys or welders. The band Yüksek Sadakat (translating as High Fidelity... high high high) is an Anatolian light rock act like many before them. Of note here is a woman in a fake small spherical cage. Someone let the poor girl out, as I haven't a clue what it's supposed to represent. In summary then I shall quote from their publicity material; "The song was written with classic rock riffs, and harmonized with the spirit of the 70's and the sound of the 80's". The prosecution rests.

Right, let's get one thing straight. Bands don't win Eurovision. In fact the only modern band winners have been Lordi and British acts. So you wouldn't think they have much of a chance. But they do. The whole is definitely greater than the sum of the parts here, but all is not perfect. High voiced Lee could be a dodgy element (but he hits more than he misses), there's a typically arrogant British stage set-up (but a shrinking violet never gets anywhere) and no performance has been the same since arrival (but variety is the spice of life). 2nd favourite with the bookies, and speak it quietly folks...Blue could win this thing.


They have a sand artist and we have Spelbound. I know which "...Got talent" winner I'd rather have..and it isn't Spelbound. 25 year old Mika Newton was born in Ellen Burshtyn in the Ukraine and has never looked back (after developing a bad neck from a childhood golfing incident).
Look out for a big ballard which in the hands of lesser nations would be lost amongst the flotsam. However being Ukraine they've called upon the winner of ".. Got Talent", Ms Kseniya Simonova whose art will be shown on the Monaco sized LCD screen. What with the feathery dress, I see this flying high, lifting off (etc), and making the Final with ease_