The weekend starts here! On this page you can see my predictions for the second semi-final. This show will be aired on Thursday the 16th. The prediction machine spat out a whole array of surprises, not least the top2, in the diverse underperforming nations of Georgia and Swtizerland. A hirsute Eastern couple should be warmly embracing the battlers for Christ come 10:15pm. Amongst other surprise smilers should be the San Marinesesian gummy laydey and the beardie weirdy from Budapest. Crying into their Spit Cake will be many a Eastern based effort which will only strengthen the chances of those heavy eyebrowed remaining come Saturday.

The undoubted moment of this year comes in the form of Romania. Be warned, it can never get worse than these three minutes of aural hell.

Antoher 7 out of 10 predictions correct here, which is nothing to write home about. As with Tuesday's show the favourties escaped unharmed which is more than can be said for us ppor folk who sat through Cezar "The Voice". How this monstrosity from Romanai got through, I'll never know. It was wide open this semi, and I was pleased to see both Malta and Hungary progress, but felt a bit sorry for plucky San Marino. The shock (in more ways than one) was Israel's unsuccesful attempt...I put it down to Moran's interesting approach to haute couture. Surely a straight fight with the Serbs for the Barbara Dex award. To finish off the result, Azerjaiban's man in a box stood out, Norway's bodice, Greek kilts, and Georgian shouters are also likely to succeed, with feisty Finland and icy Iceland making up the 10 for Saturday.

I've also had a pop at the other semi final here and the final already, so confident am I at the predictions below...

1. Georgia 2. Switzerland
(didn't qualify, I badly mis-judged)
3. Norway
4. Malta 5. Greece 6. San Marino
(didn't qualify, mis-judged)
7. Israel
(didn't qualify)
8. Azerbaijan 9. Hungary
10. Finland 11. Albania 12. Bulgaria
(qualified...I should've known)
14. FYROM 15. Iceland
16. Armenia
(qualified, amazingly)
17. Latvia