After four years of hurt, Andorra have finally decided that they haven't got the demographic to make it through to the final and have pulled out of 2010 onwards. A shame for the oxygen starved hamlet.. as they are likely never to be seen again
Susanne Georgi is imploring me to "Get a life" in 2009. She's probably right, instead I'm writing about lump of tripe. Read about it here
Gisela is the Andorrian who will be pluckily attempting to Euro-dance her way into Western European hearts in semi final 1, and may well be failing in the process. Learn more here
Anonymous, a punk rock band without a recording contract will be representing Andorra in 2007. A previous single of theirs is named "Shit Sucks". And you can't get more promising than that. Read about them here.

As recently as 1980, the tiny European principality of Andorra, for example, allocated its entire national defense budget to blanks (hollow bullets) - for use in ceremonial salutes to foreign dignitaries. The official budget? $5.

Andorra had 2 library employees in 1999

Andorra has no unemployment, which may have a direct correlation with the fact that there's no TV channels either.

Andorra’s Rugby Union Team is ranked 64th in the World.

Along with Ireland, Albania and the UK, Andorra is one of the few European states that does not give transsexuals legal recognition of their new gender.

None yet

The Tourist Guide says

"Imagine a tiny principality offering the most dramatic scenery and the best skiing in the Pyrenees. Come to Andorra and experience it for real. Occupying a mere 450 square kilometres, Andorra is living proof that quality is always more important than quantity..."

"Andorra is noted for its heritage of chapels, Romanesque churches, bridges... Nowhere will you find so many monuments gathered together in such a small area. They are places witch (sic) are worth to visiting".

732 Moors raid into southern France. Andorra appeal to Charlemange for assistance who sweeps the Moors out of Andorra. The Carta de Fundacio d'Andorra, establishes Andorra's independence. 10th-12thC's Counts of Urgel, the overloards of Andorra, battled throughout this period with the Moors 1278 The Acte de Pareage establishes the co-rule of the Bishop of Urgel and the Count of Foix over the country, and agrees to pay an annual tribute called questia. This is still the basis of Andorra's constitution and is still paid to Bishop of Urgel & the President of France. These are referred to as "co-princes", and hence the "Principality of Andorra". 1419 Andorra petitioned to establish a local parliament, and the Council Of The Land was established 1793 Andorra mobilised its 500 militia (having no army) for the first time in around 1000 years following the overthrow of the French government. 1806 Napoleon issues Imperial Decree, confirming Andorra's rights of independence. 1880 "The Battle of the Casino", in which Andorra supports a French gambling syndicate in an attempt to set up operations, which fails following Spanish protests, and relocates to Monaco 1893 Andorra gets its first telegraph line to the outside world 1933 High ranking disaffected Andorrans sponsor attempt of a Russian to proclaim himself King Boris I of Andorra. It fails. 1970 Women granted right to vote and hold office

Andorra La Vella

Lying at the confluence of three rivers, Andorra La Vella (pop'n 20724) is dwarfed by stunning snow-capped mountains of up to 2500 metres high.

(I imagine it would also be dwarfed by Scafell Pike though).

The 2002 World Rally Champion, Englishman Richard Burns, resided in Andorra before his sad passing. As do C-list celebrities who don't want to pay tax, as well as home grown talent such as...


Judit Mascó - Top model for Sports Illustrated

Andreu Claret - World famous Orchestra Director


Life expectancy

80 men 86 women
Airports None
Radios 238 per 1,000 people
Internet Users 665.7 per 10,000 people
Railway Network None
Death Penalty abolished in 1990