Are you desperate for entertainment during a midweek evening in May? Are you the type that flicks through the channels like Sumo TV and SyFy? Then there's every chance you'll come across the first Semi Final of the 2015 contest on Tuesday the 19th of May. Go on, it'll break the week up.

On this page you can see my predictions for the first semi-final 2015 which were made in a drunken mist at the end of April.

The UK votes in the other semi on Thursday, so tonight's semi will be purely based on listening and watching the various Euro N-list celebs. As my prediction confidence was well and truly shot to pieces last year, I find myself in a wholly uncomfortable postion of not having a clue what will and won't get through. The rehearsals are not due to get underway for a couple of weeks, so I have to go off studio efforts and where available, the live NF performance. So with not a small amount of trepidation I'm plumping for the hotly tipped Estonians to win through at the top. After that, it gets more difficult. The prediction machine has then inexplicably pumped out Albania (which I don't like at all), Georgia (which I do, but others don't), and Romania (likewise). Russia has shot up the betting in recent days, and is now an outside bet for the full shebang. Armenia is usually a solid bet to progress, along with Greece but then it gets interesting. You could probably make a case for all of them (probably apart from Netherlands). The real joker in the pack are the Finns who have no song, but are likely to get every anti-ESC vote going and may well stumble into the Final. Then you have the Belgian entry which is more Marmite and is thusly difficult to predict at this stage, and Denmark always seem to do well even with a turd of a song. So all in all, my nerves are shot.
I've also had a pop at the other semi final here and the final already. I'm not going to be able to update them following the semi-final. You can view it here.

1. Estonia 2. Albania 3. Georgia
4. Romania

5. Russia

6. Serbia

7.Hungary 8. Armenia 9. Greece

10. Belgium


12. Finland

13. Netherlands 14. Moldova
15. Belarus