On this page you can see my predictions for the first semi-final 2009.

I think I may have let my heart rule my head with this load of results. The delightful Yohanna comes out on top for Iceland, a result which is I fear a tad on the optinmistic side, certainly when it comes to the final. The Armenians, Bosnians, Romanians, and of course the Turks should find enough support, and Switzerland & Malta have decent enough songs to book places in the final. Then it comes down to the other Scandis who should be abel to club together and gain places for Sweden and Finland.
The unfortunate Andorra will miss out, and I thought the retro-Israeli peace anthem would've stuck in everyone's craw (but it didn't). The biggest strop is likely to be from the Bulgarian delegation when the screeching fetishist Vlad heads for the Aeroflot terminal early.
I've also had a pop at the other semi final here and the final already, so confident am I at the predictions below (also I'm not going to be able to update them following the semi-final). You can view it here.
* as it turned out Switzerland and Montenegro didn't get through, but Portugal and Israel did (Israel must have been the jury vote)

1. Iceland 2. Armenia 3. Bosnia
4.Malta 5. Romania 6. Switzerland*
7. Turkey 8. Sweden 9. Finland
10. Montenegro* 11. FYROM 12. Belgium
13. Portugal* 14. Czech Rep 15. Belarus
16. Bulgaria 17. Andorra 18. Israel*