What do I think of this?

Petr Elfimov is the one with the flowing white locks, not the one who looks like Clouseau dressed as a chamber boy , sucking up a bird with a vacuum cleaner. Anyway I digress. Petr has a fine set of lungs on him but unfortunately believes he has to use every alveoli in all social circumstances. Being Belarussian he is of course let down by his song, a torrid 3 minutes of escalating histrionics. It's a borderline case this one.
KPI's - woman trapped inside plastic sack, wind machine set on hurricane, Joe Longthorne crossed with Amanda Redman

Petr Elfimov was born into a family of musicians on February 15, 1980, in the city of Mogilev, Republic of Belarus. Petr's father, Petr Elfimov Senior, is a professional musician, a bass in a church choir. His mother, Jeanette Elfimov, is a conductor of a superb choir which won numerous first prizes at international contests.
Petr's stage debut took place when he was six. At fourteen, he became the solo singer of a vocal band called Double W. In 1999 he created the Egoist band, where he was the solo singer and the song-writer. He wrote his first song, If You Only Knew, when he was eighteen. In 2004 he won the Grand Prix at the International Popular Song Contest Vitebsk 2004 within the framework of the International Arts Festival Vitebsk Slavic Bazaar.
In 1998 Petr finished the Mogilev Music and Choreography Lyceum. In 2005 he graduated from the Belarus State Music Academy, where he majored in Academic Singing. Since 2007 Petr has been teaching Popular Signing at the Modern Knowledge Institute named after A. M. Shirokov.
When he was 11, Petr heard Queen for the first time, and forever fell in love with its truthfulness, extraordinariness, and melodism. He was overwhelmed by the unlikely harmony between the harsh instrumental sound and the incredible vocal polyphony. His admiration with Ian Gillan inspired a spiritual journey into the creative heritage of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Even today Petr cherishes the hope to perform the part of Jesus in the famous rock opera Jesus Christ Super Star. His Zodiac sign is Aquarius, and Aquarians are well-known to live on a rainbow!

Eyes that never lie

I was wandering alone
I was turning to stone
I was going insane
When you came into my life

You chased sorrow away
You changed night into day
You cured all of my pain
With your eyes that never lie

All my life I waited
Thinking I would never fly
Then you looked and saw my wings
With your eyes that never lie

You are my desert and well
You are my heaven and hell
You are my reason to be
My love song, my battle cry

I know I will be whole
While I keep in my soul
The light shining on me
From your eyes that never lie

All my life I waited
Thinking I would never fly
Then you looked and saw my wings
With your eyes that never lie

Oh, my darling angel
Guide me through despair in the sky
If I'm lost I'll see the way
In your eyes that never lie