"It is written in the style of Michael Jackson, in his classic form of a song, but with some Slavic flavour in melody!"
Lyrics by: Andrey Kostiugov
Music by: Sergey Sukhomlin

Polina Smolova is one of the most well-known and successful performers in the Belarusian music community at the moment. The last year has brought plenty awards to the singer: the Grand Prix at the Slavonic Bazaar-2005, a contest for young performers; a honorary title "Inhabitant of the Year"; and according to the results of voting at Belarusian Music Awards "Teleportation" she's named "Person of the Year".

Polina began her music career in various children amateur bands. The singer sang at children folklore theatre " Gostsitsa", as well as in the Belarussian folk band "Zhavoronochki". After graduation from Glinka Music School she joined the faculty of folk song at the Belarusian State University of Culture and Art. Apart from singing, Polina was a teacher and manager of the children's folk band "Tsernichka". At the moment she is an artist in the Youth Pop Theatre and a soloist of the MVD Orchestra.

Expressive, impassioned, sexual and extravagant. Her life is a storm of emotions, events and impressions. The charming ensign, the student and the winner of numerous international competitions, Grand Prix holder of "Slavonic Bazaar-2005", Polina wins hearts of listeners extremely quickly. The singer does not cease to surprise with effective shows on a stage. Her extraordinary style is the legislator of a fashion. Professionalism, talent and individuality have become the face of Belarusian participant Polina Smolova.

Big on dance, small on pants. It's Belarus third attempt at Eurosong, and they're going downhill fast. Last year the grand dame of Belarussian music stomped out of the hall after failing to qualify for the final, and I can see more heel stomping this year. This grand dame is a coal-miners daughter type of a lass, with a washing board stomach and sink plunger of a voice.

It appears that Polina is reluctant to tell us her age, but though I'm guessing she's into her thirties, she gamely grinds on in the video, sporting the smallest pair of shorts seen outside of Copacabana Beach. It's a dog of a song, the usual I'm in love but I can't write about it very well effort. Her blurb says she never ceases to amaze, and is a fashion leader. So take note you fashion houses, pink sequined shorts and thigh high pvc boots are the next big thing! Polina, however, is not. Watch out for an assisted back flip. Today the world, tomorrow traction.

5th up during the semi-final, so the whole sorry experience for Belarus 2006 will be over by about 9:30CET on Thursday, following three minutes of Polina & her lumpen backing dancers slamming the re-inforced stage out of time, and out of tune.

Polina loves...Bananaman

"Bananaman," mused my brother once, young enough to have loved it first time around back in Minsk; "One of the better ones. Not as good as Dangermouse, but a whole lot better, heaps better than Super Ted." Polina never said that, but if she had a younger brother, I'm sure she herself would would have been keen on the escapades of the blue and yellow lycra clad Tim Brooke Taylor voiced buffoon.

Is it Polina Smolova the lady who didn't spawn a Chesney, but does think she's the only and only.
or is it "Janice Battersby Brown" who did drop a Chesney and is pure UK trash


All I tell you, mum
My heart 's on fire!
Say me no more
That he's a finished liar.
I feel so safe, 'cause I know he's good
The guys before him were a kind of junk food.

Ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, mum.
Can't you see how I miss him?
Ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma
Yes, I need only him
Ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma
Can't you see how I love him?
So by now my doubts are over,
I know for sure that he's my dream

All I beg, oh, ma
Just some attention.
We got like strangers
Due to the tension.
Just remember yourself in your teens
And all years after – here is what it means.

Never tell me, ma
He is too dangerous
Love can beat us down, but it can make us fly.
Let me love him mum, don't sigh, please don't cry…
Be my friend, oh, mum.
My heart can not lie!

“From my point of view, looks and style are important,” she said. “An artist needs to look good. But you also need to be nice on the inside too. Only then will your career will be as successful as you’d like. You need to be a very kind person.”