"Being a student of the State Autotransport college, Ruslan was not forgetting about music and sang in the band."

The Spin

Singer and composer Ruslan Alehno was born on 14th of October 1981 in Bobruysk (Belarus), where in 1995 has graduated from music school, departments of guitar, accordion and trumpet. But this future artist was always interested in singing. Being a student of State Autotransport college, Ruslan was not forgetting about music and sang in the band. When he had to go to military service he was brought by Leonid Nikolskiy to Academic ensemble of song and dance of Belarus military forces. Ruslan spent 4 years with the orchestra and toured many countries.

Ruslan has experience in the contests and festivals.
2001 - grand prix of the festival of military-patriotic song in Russia
2003 - "Clear voice" award at "At the European Crossroads" festival
2003 - laureat of "Festival of estrada song" in Molodechno (Belarus) and laureat of "Golden schlager" festival
2004 - 2nd prize at the international song contest "Malvy 2004"
2004 - winner of talents show project "People's Artist 2" broadcasted by Russian RTR channel
2005 - together with Alexey Goman prize winner of festival contest of patriotic song "This is my homeland", devoted to Victory anniversary.

In 2005 Ruslan gets video for the song "Neobyknovennaya" which he performes together with his "People's Artist" colleages Alexey Chumakov and Alexander Panaiotov. Also in 2005 his first album "Rano ili pozdno" (Sooner or later) is issued. In 2007 he shoots video for the song "Sertse zemli moey" (Heart of my land) performed in duet with famous Belarus singer Irina Dorofeeva.


The Singer

The Past
Sordid looking pagan exploits, Terry Gilliam, and a diva who barged her way out of the hall after being snubbed by sensible semi-final voters. A solid Eurovision start from one of the true last bastions of Communist rule. Last year the Byelorussians were mighitly confident of winning the entire thing, but even with an android popboy and sliding doors, they couldn't make it. I forsee Belarus becoming one of the more interesting of Eurosong nations. Just pray they don't win the thing...we'll never get in, and if we do, we wouldn't want to wait to get out.

The Song





Hasta La Vista

You shone at me like a blinding star.
I’ve just never seen such a light so far.
All my days
Were fairy tales.

I begged you to look in my loving eyes
But you were as cold as Arctic ice,
And your laugh
Has killed my love.

The story is close to the final cut,
It won’t be the end but a running start.
So don’t be upset and don’t ask me why
I say goodbye.

Hasta la vista, baby!
I'm gonna miss you – maybe
You can be blissfully happy
Though it’s not fair.

Hasta la vista, baby!
I gonna miss you – may be.
Hasta la vista – blame me
But I don’t care.

No way to repair the broken glass,
There’s nothing to share nor to discuss.
Now I see,
You’re not for me.

You’ve cast me away to a desert shore,
You’ve shattered my heart - now you keep the score.
Have a rest,
You’ve done your best!

The story is close to the final cut
It won’t be the end but a running start
So don’t you pretend you can’t get it why
I say goodbye.

Is he Ruslan Alenho
or is he Rasmus Hardiker
Prediction Semi Final 2 8th
Final 19th