"After the Devil sings mugham he falls on his knees"

The Spin

Elnur Huseynov was born in the family of serviceman in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan on March 3 in 1987. Huseynov, whose mother is music theorist studied in the class of piano. He moved to Baku in 1999. He entered dental-mechanic faculty in Medical Technical School in 2000 and Music School named after Zeynalli in 2001. He worked in State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. He was awarded Grand Prix in Sing Your Song Contest in 2004. He learned the stylist-barber profession after graduating from school. He prepared choir in State Philharmonic Society named after Magomayev. Huseynov who is working in church choir takes lessons from Rashad Hashimov, after Sevda Mammadova and Fidan Hajiyeva.

Elnur Husseynov, said: "I think to sing with Samir in this contest. Otherwise, I will refuse. I do not intend to participate in the contest alone. If my opinion is taken into account, I will prefer only a duet".
"There couldn't be this staging without Samir. We have very different kind of voices, and even visually we're different. This contrast creates a gimmick, raises the interest. And nobody from the other contestants can sing mugham like Samir"
"The main idea of Angel and Devil was ours. The song is basically about what is going on in the world. We are against pain, fear, war and everything bad. We want to show people that everything is in hands of God. He created the Devil, who is the Fallen Angel, and he created the Angels. After song of Angel Devil changes to the better. Mugham - is voice of soul after it become clear of all the bad things. After the Devil sings mugham he falls on his knees together with Angel. He returns back to the roots, to the God. However, I think there is more devilish in myself, and Samir probably should be an angel by nature. But...we're just people, human beings".
"It also really helped that we were not alone on stage. It helped to mobilize the forces, to feel the support of each other. There were 5 of us, and we were as one whole. The backing dancing is group from the Ukraine. Girl, who is acting imp is Azerbaijani girl, living in Ukraine. The staging should be more developed, there were some wrong things. But we will try to do it better, the show will become more interesting as it was on 2nd of February". (www.eurovision.az)

The Singer

The Past

Azerbaijan don't have a past in the Eurosong, but they have been tuning in at midnight every year for a while now, in order to see how popular music is properly performed, then going to bed at 3am, befuddled and disillusioned. My money's on their first effort being a camp fest with enough ethno pleasantries to ensure people will no longer wonder where Azerbaijan is. Maybe.

The Song




Day after Day

For peace we pray
Save us from all fears
Oh Lord! Save us!

You can feel me in your mind
With every breath you take
Burn the earth with flame of sins
I`ll make you feel dismay

Our feelings play with us
But you must keep yourself under control

If you`re searching for resolves
Be ready for the tolls

Show us the right way
Day after day
All fears we must forget
Then better world we`ll get

If you have the greatest aim
Keep it in your soul
I`ll be always by your side
Always in your heart

Our dreams can play with us
Even if we think that we keep control

From all horrors of the world
Salvation is love!

The earth is in flame
And you must share the blame

Look inside yourself
We both are there
Day after day….

Prediction Semi Final 1 18th
Final Do not make it