"(He) emerged in less than three years to one of the most popular and widely acclaimed talents from Russia, being recognized with the most prestigious accolades in the industry".

The Spin

With his unique talent and exceptional abilities, vocal sensation Dima Bilan attracted the world's attention in May 2006 when he represented Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Athens.
Dima was the hunk who took the honorable second place, conceding only to Finland, with a remarkable stage performance of his song Never Let You Go. After that, the Forbes magazine couldn't but settle Bilan on the top of the rating of most popular Russian celebrities. Since launching his first single in Russia in 2003. Dima Bilan emerged in less than three years to one of the most popular and widely acclaimed talents from Russia, being recognized with the most prestigious accolades in the industry.

Dima Bilan got classical scholarship at the famous Gnesin Academy of Music. Being a student, he got acquainted with top Russian manager in show-business, the late Yuriy Aizenshpis, who became Dima's manager and added a lot to Dima's successful career in Russia. In 2003 Dima graduated from Gnesin Academy and received his diploma from the hands of the highly respected Russian artist losif Kobzon, and having decided to obtain even more vocal skills, Dima became the student of GITIS (The State Institute of Theatrical Art).

One of the first steps in Bilan's career was his participation in the "Jurmala" contest, the most important music contest in Eastern Europe. Dima came in at number 4 in this contest and the whole country loved his performances there! Dima Bilan released 3 platinum albums: Ia Nochnoy Hooligan (The Night Hooligan, 2003), Na Beregu Neba (Between the Sky and Heaven, 2004), on which Dima collaborated with world-famous songwriter Diane Warren, who penned Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go ?n, Tony Braxton's Unbreak My Heart and Aerosmith's I Don't Want To Miss A Thing, and Vremya-Reka (Time Is a River, 2006), which sold over 2 000 000 copies in Russia and in the CIS countries. Dima's Eurovision hit single Never Let You Go catapulted Dima to superstar status and placed him on top or all Russian radio and TV-charts in May 2006! In September 2005 Dima received two big awards at MTV Russia Music Awards for "Best Performer" and "Artist ?f ?he Year". The same year Bilan went to Lisbon to represent Russia at the MTV Europe Music Awards. In July 2006 Dima Bilan was one of the four artists who took part in the biggest musical event in Russia of 2006 - "The Red Summer" - on the Red Square in Moscow, where he performed on stage with Shakira, The Black Eyed Peas and t.A.T.u. In September 2006, for the second year in a row, Dima Bilan won the "Artist of the Year" and "Song of the Year" trophies at the MTV Russia Music Awards.

In February - March 2007 Dima Bilan recorded his first international album in English in Los Angeles and in Philadelphia in collaboration with producer Timbaland and his production team : Danjahandz, Jim Beanz and Ryan Tedder. One of the new tracks will be a duet with one of Timbaland's most successful artists: Nelly Furtado! The new album is due to be released in 2008, and the first single from it was the Jim Beanz-penned song Number 1 Fan, with a video which was shot in London by famous British director Trudy Bellinger (who made videos for e.g. Girls Aloud, Sugababes and Sophie Ellis Bextor). According to Russian and Eastern Europe radio airplay chart TopHit.ru, Number 1 Fan topped the charts for 8 weeks. On October 4th, 2007 Dima Bilan premiered his second single from the upcoming album, Amnesia, at the MTV Russia Music Awards 2007. During this show, Dima won three most prestigious awards for "Best Performer", "Best Song" and - for the third time in three years - "Best Artist".Dima's first international album in English will be released in the United States later this year, and its Spanish version will be released in Latin America in 2008 as well. Currently, Dima Bilan is recording it with top Latin music market producer and songwriter Rudy Perez, world-famous for his work with Julio Iglesias, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce.

The Singer

The Past
Russia are a relatively new entrant into the fold (1994), having clearly deemed that inclusion in the contest would be a distraction to the transition to burgeoning free-market economy of the late eighties. Personally I think it would have helped to put the whole economic revolution in some sort of perspective. Anyway, in it they came and everyone really took note of Ms Pugacheva in 1997, who is up there as one of the most brash contestants ever. They came second the next year, and have had a third since. They clearly have the biggest advantage of everyone in the contest and should be winning soon. Maybe it'll happen when they move away from under-age popstresses.

The Song
Lyrics (prepared for you by Dima himself, ably assisted by a certain Jim Beanz)

Pretension Alert!
Picture the scene... We open in a hospital. A man with a Gorbachev birthmark. Cut to a poorly cherubic young chap. The x-rays show he ain't got no heart. Cut to Dima in an ice skating arena. He'll sort it. He gets big acts together for a benefit concert. My, what a show (but no Torvill & Dean). Oh no, the child is dying. No…wait, Dima and the ice dancers on the rink, they pull him back from the brink. Do you understanding the underlying metaphor? Dima has given his heart to the boy! Hero! All you have to do is believe! What an epic. Now you can cry.


Our star man will have a ladder and an ice rink on stage. Apparently its in three bits and the Euro tecchie geeks are getting extremely excited as to how they are going to shift it off stage in 36 seconds, 36 mind. Dima will also be carried aloft like the hero he undoubtedly wants to be by a certain Vladimir Yushenko, a World Champion Ice Skater. That'll boost his flagging ego.



Even when the thunder and storm begins
I'll be standing stong like a tree in the wind
Nothing is gonna move this mountain
or change my direction

I'm falling off the sky
And I'm all alone
The courage that's inside is gonna break my fall
Nothing is gonna dim my light within

But if I keep going on
It will never be impossible
Not today...

Cause I got something to believe in
As long as I'm breathing
There is not a limit to what I can dream
Cause I got something to believe in
Mission to keep climbing
Nothing else can stop me if I just believe
And I believe in me

Even when the world tries to pull me down
Tell me that I can try to turn me around
I won't let them put my fire out without no
But if I keep going on
It will never be impossible...
Not today...

I can do it all,
Open every door
Turn unthinkable to reality
You see
I can do it all and more!

Believing... as long as I'm breathing
There is not a limit to what I can dream
Believing... mission to keep climbing
Nothing else can stop me if I just believe
And I believe in me.

Prediction Semi Final 1 1st
Final 2nd