" I know for sure that never will I be able to become an average statistical wife, for not a single man could beat my temper."

The Spin

Elena Temnikova
Born in Kurgan. In 2002 took part in the national TV music project "Star Academy"
"I began taking music lessons at the age of five. I remember that my violin teacher had a gigantic size of feet, and I used to like it a lot".
"Now I don't have almost any time for anything but for my work. I don't even have time to meet my friends. But I prefer to give up sleeping rather than to stop meeting with the friends. At the moment I'm mostly deprived of visiting beauty shops & spa and sauna which I'm actually in love with."
I am able to forgive almost everything but for foolishness. I know for sure that never will I be able to become an average statistical wife, for not a single man could beat my temper. Probably that's the way I will live all my life - surrounded by music and... lovers!"
"What are my pleasures in life? Stage, sex and cars. Also I like to be a leader and I make a cult of food".
Olya Serebkina
Born in Moscow. From the age of seven went into ballroom dances.
At seventeen became candidate master. Participated in international competitions. Graduated from the school of dramatic arts, where she specialized in "singing".
Marina Lizorkina
Born in Moscow. From the age of twelve sang in Struve chorus. At the age of 16 entered the Contemporary Art University. Loves painting in her own unique style. Hobby: cars.
"If I don't drive my car for two days, I just go crazy. I can't pass by an ill or hungry animal. People often get themselves into troubles, but injustice towards animals touches me very deeply. I love painting in oil. But I must say that my drawings make very strange impression on people. Each and everyone finds something different in them - and that is great. I prefer not to divide music into different genres and styles. I prefer all kinds of music. In general I love people, I love this world and have a positive look on everything that surrounds me."

"I didn't invent anything on purpose", says Maxim Fadeev. "I just wanted to do the kind of music that I like, to do something for my soul, the music I've always wanted to compose without investigating the market or the radio format. We've been preparing the project for about a year, we were doing it simply for our own pleasure. All material for the debut album is almost ready, but we are taking our time - I don't want any compromises or emergencies. Music material, appearance of the group, behavior of the girls on stage - everything must be at such a level when I can say that I am completely satisfied. We've been choosing the participants of the project for quite a long time. We were looking for perfect voice qualities, chic appearance and of course charisma. At the moment I am 100 per cent satisfied with the group members. I didn't have any plans at all to start the promotion of Serebro from the Eurovision Song Contest. Fate has willed that way."

The Singer

The Past
Russia are a relatively new entrant into the fold (1994), having clearly deemed that inclusion in the contest would be a distraction to the transition to burgeoning free-market economy of the late eighties. Personally I think it would have helped to put the whole economic revolution in some sort of perspective. Anyway, in it they came and everyone really took note of Ms Pugacheva in 1997, who is up there as one of the most brash contestants ever. They came second the next year, and have had a third since. They clearly have the biggest advantage of everyone in the contest and should be winning soon. Maybe it'll happen when they move away from under-age popstresses.

The Song


In a Nutshell
" "

the philosopher says

emotion, appeal to (argumentum ad populum) The informal fallacy of persuading someone to accept (or reject) a conclusion by arousing favorable (or unfavorable) emotions toward it or by emphasizing its widespread acceptance (or rejection) by others.
Example: "Nobody with an ounce of common sense or a single shred of integrity believes that Russia will win Eurosong on the basis of their song alone, but rather because of the vestiges of social control held over their neighbours. Therefore, Russia's songs aren't good enough to win Eurosong." Recommended Reading: Douglas Walton, Appeal to Popular Opinion (Penn. State, 1999)

Song Number 1

It's a dirty money track, Yeah,
Girls kick the flow!

Listen to me
All my girls get ready
We'll make it easy

When I catch you picking me
You better get a chill
Boy you wanna take on me
Cuz I'm your killing pill

Can't you see the way I move
My dress my flashy skin
Listen up you know I got
The place you've never been

Slow down
Boy you don't wanna let me down
You better stop you know what!

Oh! Don't call me funny bunny
I'll blow your money money
I'll get you to my bad ass
Spinning for you
Oh! I'll make it easy honey
I'll take your money yummy
I've got my bitches
Standing up next to me

So come and check it
So come and check it
So come and check it
My bad ass spinning for you (2x)

Watch out!

Keep on taking over you
It's kinda getting free
Baby boy you know I still
Got sexy freak in me

Gotta tease you nasty guy
So take it don't be shy
Put your cherry on my cake
And taste my cherry pie

Maybe I'll take you
With me tonight
Maybe you'll show me another way
And find a reason for me to stay
But something I must tell you!

Feel my vibration
Get it!

Prediction Semi Final -
Final 4th