"1000 copies were made and sold, wich is pretty good in Iceland for a band who had no label and played music too heavy for the radio stations."

The Spin

Eirikur Hauksson / Eric Hawk was born on 4th.of July 1959 in Reykjavik, Iceland. At the age of 15 he started his singing carrier in his home country, performing with various coverbands for five years before recording a L.P. with his band “Start”. His own song “Sekur” (Guilty) from that album was voted “Song of the year” in 1981, and at that point Eirikur became a household name throughout the country. In 1983 he formed his own band, calling them “Drysill” wich means a small teasing demon. “I was really going against the wind that time”, Eirikur says. “New-wave was in and metal was out! But we gained a strong following and had success those couple of years we kept it going”. Drysill’s only L.P. product “Welcome to the show” was released in 1984. 1000 copies were made and sold, wich is pretty good in Iceland for a band who had no label and played music too heavy for the radio stations. Unfortunately the masters are now completely lost, so to those of you who might have a copy; this is already quite a collectors item. While touring intensely with his band, Eirikur also did many guest appearenses for other artists. In 1985, as the members of Drysill were breaking up, he suddenly found himself on top of the charts with the two most popular songs of the year. He was now the most popular artist in Iceland.

And when Iceland, in May 1986 participated for the very first time in the Eurovision Song Contest, Eirikur was hired to do the job with two other lead singers. “This was a crazy period” he qoutes. Suddenly I was doing maybe 3-4 performances a day five days a week and was literally dancing in the spotlight. It was the typical rock-star life, being headhunted by young schoolgirls and driving limousines, you know all that crazy stuff. I remember the feeling of being a “hooker” sneaked in every now and then, but what the hell; at least I was an expensive first-class one” One can say for sure, that it came as a shock to most people when Eirikur announced he was leaving this life “of fame and fortune” to yet again lay all his cards on Heavy-Metal, as a member of a completely unknown Norwegian band called “Artch”. Eirikur moved to Norway in September ’88, just after the release of the first album “Another Return To Church Hill”. Artch stayed together untill 1993 and managed to come up with a second album as well “For The Sake Of Mankind”. Eirikur is still living in Norway though and is a professional musician based in Fredrikstad. He is a so called “freelancer” doing various stuff all around the country. Heavy Metal is still what he wants to do the most, and currently (autumn 3003) he is fronting “Wild-Willy’s Gang” with Willy Bendiksen on drums, Morty Black on bass, Ronnie Tekrø on guitar and with the guest-appearance of Brian Robertson (“Thin Lizzy”). “I am really quite happy with the way things are going for me, although I must admit that I sometimes miss not having a band of my own. I’ve tried with some mucisians after “Artch”, but it just hasn’t been the right thing for me, not yet anyway. As a “freelancer” Eirikur is “for hire”. You should check out this great singer if you get the chance.

The Singer

Eiríkur will head for the Finals for the 3rd time, having repressented Iceland in 1986 & Norway in 1991. He won with an easy victory, receiving over 60 % of the votes in the final which goes to show what a wow the national final was. An amiable fella with Timotei locks, Mr Hauksson decided to sing in English as Icelanders do, although whether this will assist him is a moot point, since now more than a few Scandi's and pixies will realise the song is utter balls.

The Past
Always an interesting Eurovision nation in my book. In the past the Icelandics have sent ravishing beauties, moody & mysterious types, and even a bloke with a taste for public ononism. 
Once a bridesmaid (indeed Selma turned up in the right dress to take on the role in 1999), but never the bride, you never know what you're going to get with Iceland. To prove my point, who else would send Beethoven to sing about Socrates? Quite.

The Song

I have never come across a passion killed by acid rain, maybe the odd gargoyle, but never a relationship. The lyrics of this are utter tosh of course, almost as if they've done a direct translation job from the Icelandic babelfish. "Valentine's Lost" ticks off the rock ballard genre in some style. It's well produced, he has suitably gruff vocals bordering on the pub-level, and he gives it the full faux emotional wallop. Not the best slot though, as no.5 follows four solid bawlers.


Very much in the unsure category on this one. Iceland have a tendency to crash and burn in recent times, mostly because of a rancid live performance, but also because who the heck has anything in common with Iceland (apart from the Danes)? So the most complicated backing track and one of the most base song structures, the question is can an aged rocker who looks like a gran on double-HRT triumph? Of course not.

In a Nutshell
"Gets through 4 Pifco Ultramatic Readytresses a year"

the philosopher says

speech acts The complex group of things we typically perform when speaking. J. L. Austin famously distinguished the simple locutionary act of saying something meaningful, the force of the illocutionary act of employing this language for some purpose, and the further perlocutionary act of having an actual effect on those who hear the utterance. Thus, for example, in saying to Eirikur, "That's bad rock hair," I may also insult him (illocution) and persuade him to get it cut (perlocution).

Valentines Lost

I'll let the music play
while love lies softly bleeding.
In heavy hands on shadowlands.
As thunder clouds roll in
sunset is receding.
No summer wine - no Valentine.

A tiger trapped inside a cage.
An actor on an empty stage.
Come see the show!
Rock ‘n' roll can heal your soul
when broken hearts lose all control.

Some rivers still run dry
and jungles burn to embers.
Gold autumn days, must fade to grey.
There is a reason why
a haunted man remembers
one frozen night - his darkest day (oh...)

A tiger trapped inside a cage.
An actor on an empty stage.
Come see the show!
Rock ‘n' roll will heal your soul
when broken hearts lose all control.

Passion killed by acid rain.
A rollercoaster in my brain.
But, how would you know!
In your satin, silk and lace...
Another time another place.

A tiger trapped inside a cage.
An actor on an empty stage.
Come see the show!
Rock ‘n' roll will heal your soul
when broken hearts lose all control.

A love let loose and painted black.
A train stuck on a broken track.
I'll let it go!
Rock ‘n' roll has healed my soul.
The stage is set - on with the show!

Is he wh
or is it Eirikur wh.
Prediction Semi Final 13th
Final -