(no summary available due to the complete lack of interest I have in Armenia '07)

The Spin

Hayko has recently won "Best Male Singer of the Year" at the Armenian National Music Awards. He was also present in Athens at Eurovision 2006 as part of Armenian delegation.

Hayko was trained in music at a Chukhajiyan music school, then at a Melikyan music college. He attended Yerevan State Conservatorium.

In 1996 he won the first prize at the Moscow music festival. In 1997 he won first prize in at the "Big Apple" festival in New York (for what we don't quite know) and in 1999 he was nominated for the best singer award for the first time. In 1999 he released his first album, called "Romances" with Armenian city music. In 2002 he received 3 nominations at local awards: Best singer, best project, best album. In 2003 he releases first DVD and records another one Live.

In 2003 he got an Award at the "Armenian National Music Awards" for "The best DVD". In 2003 he gave his first solo concert at the "Alex Theatre" in the USA. Later on May 27, he gave a solo performance in Yerevan and recorded a DVD called "Live Concert". In 2003 he released his album "Noritz", which he wrote and performed on.

Hayko is recognized as the Best Singer 2003 and 2006 at the Armenian National Music Awards.

The Singer
Fresh faced lounge lizard Hayko is a jodphur wearing lumpen backing singer almost made good. His video is ethniticity by the numbers, employing as they tend to these days, flowing chiffon, the manufacture of ill-tuned local instrumentation, and ballerinas (Eurosong is rapidly spreading the message of no industry east of Gdansk). What is different is the full 3 seconds disparity between the visuals and the audio, which adds a mildy entertaining twist to what is otherwise dull in the extreme.

The Past
Armenia have had one previous go at the contest, when Andre sped around Europe showing his video of burning pomegranates in '06. Death threats aside, I think he largely enjoyed his time telling people where his country is, and even made it into the final. The disco heavy ethno effort was a sure-fire way to avoid initial embarrassment in the contest, and finished a rather impressive 8th. The question is whether they can break out of the shackles of this predictable route into midtable, whilst avoiding the difficult follow-up ballard. Let us see.

The Song

It's songs like these that make me doubt whether I should be giving up so much of my time to this extravaganza. "Anytime you need" is a lite pipe filled Med ballard with an utter lack of musicianship or merit. It rises and falls like a surge of squits in a Glaswegian bookie's toilet. Most desperate of all is that this has made it straight into the final after last year's Moldovan granny success. By choosing this turgid crud, Armenia have not only let themsleves down, but also the EBU.


Move along nothing to see here. This is the worst of 2007 IMHO, and I fear that Armenia will be following the likes of Albania, Moldova etc into the Med of obscurity, even after a promising debut.

In a Nutshell
"Why, baby tell me why this has been written"

the philosopher says...

anxiety {Ger. Angst} According to many existentialist philosophers, the normal emotional response to the overwhelming responsibility entailed by human freedom.

It is not uncommon for anxiety to surface in the face of overwhelming expectation of an entire nation. My, Hayko will indeed be anxious at returning home the morning after his 20th+ place.

Anytime you need

Why, baby tell me why
Does someone always say goodbye?
You should never doubt, all I'll ever do
Is watch over you

I only wanna guard
Every beat of your gentle heart
Look and you will see
You can count on me, depend on me

Anytime you need
Any place you say
Anything indeed
Anyhow, any way

I wanna be your friend
Day by day to the very end
If you ever call crying with the blues
I'm here for you

Anytime you need
Any place you say
Anything indeed
Anyhow, any way

I'll dry your tears when you cry
And I need no reason why

Anytime you need
Any place you say
Anything indeed
Anyhow, any way

Anytime you need

Is he Michael Owen, the footballer who has hit the back of the net?
or is he Hayko, who hopes to net the odd hit?
Prediction Semi Final -
Final 18th