On this page you can see my predictions for the final 2007, on the face of it the most open competition since the annual "best Scottish string vest of the year". So it is with not a little trepidation that I put forward my calculations...

I looked almost scientifically at each songs' chances according to the subjective factors of quality, position in the draw, and it's expected performance live. Allied to this, I calculated the diaspora of neighbourly cultural voting subject to geograpical boundaries, past voting trends, and apportioning a percentage chance of a certain nation voting for another.

Surprisingly my calculations have for the first time mirrored many of my other Eurofans colleagues in that Serbia's butch walloper Marija shows well. Her prominent chin is not impressive enough to match the Everage glasses and smock however, and controversially I have Verka of the Ukraine down to triumph. So be it. Again I have absolutely no confidence in my prediction this year, and bear in mind these wise words may have to be altered once we see the rehearsals.

Of the top ranked semi-finalist qualifiers, only Bulgaria punches above its weight, maintaining a fifth position which would be their best finish by about 45 places. The real shock is Moldova, who I've got at 6th, but for the life of me I can't see why it deserves a finish of that magnitude. I'm disappointed by the result of Greece and Ireland, two nations I expected better things from. The bottom three BTW are...guess what...three of the big four, with the crowning turd in the waterpipe Scooch crawling in at 24th, a truly justified position. Finally, I've predicted 6 of the top ten to be qualifiers, which matches recent trends. So if I'm correct we're due to be heading East/South East again, with all of the top 6 hailing from the lands of mezes and wooden instrumentation.
You can see the sem final prediction here

164 Ukraine 155 Serbia 144 Bosnia
140 Russia 139 Bulgaria 133 Moldova
130 Norway 121 Israel 116 Belarus
115 Sweden 114 Croatia 107 Switzerland
106 Lithuania 105 Georgia 104 Ireland
98 Greece 97 Andorra 78 Armenia
72 Germany 65 Romania 47 Finland
43 France 36 Spain 7 UK