On this page you can see my predictions for the first semi-final 2008.

The Dutch are down for yet another strop so just how much more disappointment can they take, and their Belgian neighbours will justly bomb. Russia will walk it, Armenia and Greece will be at ease trotting behind them, whilst Norway, Bosnia, and Romania will be slightly puffing before crossing the line. It'll be who from Poland, Ireland, Slovenia, Israel, Moldova, and Andorra will be clutching their foil coat to their soiled lycra running shorts in triumph..
I've also had a pop at the other semi final here and the final already, so confident am I at the predictions below (also I'm not going to be able to update them following the semi-final). You can view it here.

1. Russia 2. Greece 3. Armenia
4.Norway 5. Poland 6. Bosnia
7. Romania 8. Slovenia 9. Ireland
10. Israel 11. Moldova 12. Andorra
13. Montenegro 14. Belgium 15. Finland
16. Netherlands 17. Estonia 18. Azerbaijan
19.San Marino