What do I think of this?

Armenia's representatives this year are two sisters of peculiar physical attributes. Like a S&M Scottish Widow, they are often bedecked in black rubber and velvet which would make me think twice about investing my paltry savings in their ISA. "Jan Jan" aka "Nor Par" should be called "Dog Shit". It a very weird Eastern ethnic thing (full of ululations...you know the type), which as a dyed in the wool Westerner I neither ever will, nor indeed care to understand. I think the song (if you can call it that) is like a type of cabbage soup, where they've bunged in all sorts of amusingly shaped vegetables and boiled for 5 days, only to come up with a colourful mush with no taste whatsoever. You wouldn't like it.

KPI's - Square Cleopatra heads, green laser beams, cerulean arm flailing


Inga and Anush Arshakyans - the duet that is well proven in recent years, both at home and foreign. Repertoire, vocal abilities, technique of performance, charm and elegance - all this duet has almost at the top mark of the scale.
Anush Arshakyan was born on December 24, 1980 in Yerevan. She studied and graduated, class of piano.
In 1994 she gained the first place and was awarded audience prize in "Sonorous voices" competition in Omsk.
Inga Arshakyan was born on March 18th, 1982, in Yerevan. She graduated from music college, class of violin in 1997. In 1998 Inga joined her sister and together they promoted their activities. Not only duets, but also arias, where the violin plays a great role, are present in the repertoire.
In 2002 Armenian variety song festival "Golden Lyre 2002" congratulated Anush and Inga in "Sympathy of audience" nomination. In 2004 album of the sisters is awarded "Best women pop retro album of they year" during "Armenian music awards" that took place in Hollywood.
"Our song for Eurovision is written in the genre of folk, with elements of contemporary music trends" - said Anush Arshakyan at the press conference. In her words their goal is to represent Armenian folk music in a new way. "Small countries like Armenia should always take part in contests such as Eurovision, to present their culture to the world", - said the singer.

Jan Jan

How can I stay?
When you are away.
What can I say?
If you gonna tell me nothing.

How can I smile?
When you are alone.
How can I be without me?

Without me we cannot be
Can’t you see?
We aren’t free,
Fixed like a tree
To the holy ground
With my sound
Gotta be always around
I wanna dance don’t you stand
Sister, give your hand.

Everybody move your body
We are dancing Nor Par
Everybody must be ready
Jumpin up with the Nor Par

Par garunqi, par tsaghkunqi
Mer huyseri
Nor kyanqi Nor Par
Pare parqi
Togh hogin goverqi
Mer lerneri, dzoreri pare chi mari

Hey, ari pare parenq
Ari ari Jan Jan Hay parerin jan asenq
Ari yar
Ari Jan Jan

Jumping up
Jumping up with the Nor Par

Nor Par
Nor Par
Let the music make you raise your hand
Sister, here we go.

Everybody move your body
Nor Par, Nor Par.
We are dancing Nor Par .
Everybody must be ready,
Jumpin up with Nor Par