On this page you can see my predictions for the first semi-final 2010 (made in early April, mind!).

Are you desperate for entertainment during a midweek evening in May? Are you the type that flicks through the channels like Sumo TV and SyFy? Then there's every chance you'll come across the first Semi Final of the 2010 contest on Tuesday the 25th of May. And my, you'll need a strong constitution. Expect dabbles of acceptable music, but these will be slow, soporific ballards so if it's high energy you're after, switch over to Gok Wan.

And so the dust settles and my predictions have been poor in this smei final. There was much crud in this show, and it all amalgamated into one pile of dung, thus confusing my senses to t6he point that I only managaed to get 7 out of 10 qualifiers right.

I had Slovakia down as the winner of this one and they didn't even make it through. At least my long shot of the pyromaniac warbler from Russia did qualify, even if he hasn't made it in 2nd. My other errors were to back the horrid 80's throwback from Estonia and the rather wonderful clap happy blonde twosome from Finland neither of whom made it through. Shame. Barring Belgium I still can't foresee any of these qualifiers in the top 4 come Final time.
I've also had a pop at the other semi final here and the final already, so confident am I at the predictions below (also I'm not going to be able to update them following the semi-final). You can view it here.

1. Slovakia 2.Russia 3. Belgium
4.Serbia 5. Belarus 6.  Greece
7. Albania 8. Estonia 9. Finland
10.  FYROM 11. Latvia 12. Moldova (j)
13. Iceland 14. Bosnia & Herz 15. Portugal
16. Malta 17. Poland