What do I think of this?

A real shining exponent of the Paul Shane school of singing, Vukasin Brajic comes across as a hard rocking laid back coool guy. Don't expect him to smile, don't expect him to put on a show, and don't expect him to get through.

The song is utter twaddle, and coming from a man whose whole life is being a musician is, to say the least, a disappointment. It takes something bad for Bosnia not to make the final and they've got it here. For what they're worth the lyrics say "The drought is all around" followed by "This is the time to melt the ice". Son, it stands to reason that if there's ice, there's no drought. Fact.

Having said all that, of course he did get through to the final. You'd think I'd understand after all these years being forced to listen to muck like this, but no... I still can't believe this can do well though.

KPI's - One fingerless glove, Large fod


Bosnia and Herzegovina had an internal selection once again this year. The lucky ones picked were the very popular singer and composers in the Balcans - Vukašin Brajic and Dino Šaran with a song about peace and co-existence.
Vukašin Brajic, who placed second in the pan-balkan pop music TV-contest Operation Triumph, was nicknamed the assassin because he managed to eliminate all those nominated with him, although they were considered favourites of the audience.
Even though he has been on the music scene for a little over a year, he has had many performances and concerts that qualified him to be the representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the ESC. He believes his greatest advantage is his capacity for transformation on stage. He likes rock music because he can draw energy from it for his performances and it is the only style that reflects his temperament. Emotional and impulsive.
Dino Šaran, who wrote his son, is one of the most respected composers in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia.
"This is a song about co-existence and tolerance. The lyrics are introspective and talk about the relationship between two people, but this can be applied to a strained relationship between any two subjects." he said about the entry.

Thunder and Lightning

Say just one more word
And you will make it end
And I will leave this place
Only anger will remain
And it doesn't seem to me
We're each other's better side
These days

This is the time to melt the ice
Off our lips and off our hearts
Thunder and lightning holding hands
Let's overcome the past

The drought is all around
But if we start breathing together
We can bring the rain down
For a dream, for a brand new day
To wash away our sins
And carry them away

This is the time to melt the ice
Off our lips and off our hearts
Thunder and lightning holding hands
Let's overcome the past
We have to do it fast

This is the time (to melt the ice)
(Off our lips and off our hearts) Off our hearts
(Thunder and lightning holding hands)
Thunder and lightning
(Let's overcome the past)
(We have to do it fast)

In this crazy world
In this crazy world
Just you and I

Say just one more word
And everything will end, everyone will leave

Is it Vukasin Brajic who knows what he likes, and it isn't Eurovision
Or is it Rupert Everett who might like Eurovision but I really don't know