What do I think of this?

These three women have got the ESC bug, having already represented Bosnia in 2005. I was mildly scathing of them back then, so it's a good job I've softened since. "Lako je sve" or "Everything is easy" is a bang-on Croatian effort, utterly insignificant and tedious beyond belief.
The main distraction of their second 3 minutes of fame will likely be the hand movements. These three clearly suffer from flailing arm syndrome, and it looks to all intents and purposes that they're trying to stay afloat in a pool of honey. And they could do with a good feed too...

Firrmly in the ethno claptrap camp, it does have the benefit of soaring strings and posh frocks, and I for one never underestimate the power of a posh frock. My statistical prediction for this was remarkably high and utterly unrealistic, as proven when they bombed out of Thursday's semi final. Quite a shock but not really missed.

KPI's - Trio of blondes, Big dresses, Park bench


No strangers to the Eurovision Song Contest having been in already in 2005, Croatia's girlgroup Femminem will try their best to achieve a good placing for their country.
Feminnem was founded in 2004 at the initiative of Croatian composer Ðorde Novkovic, when, after the Croatian Idol TV show ended, its three finalists decided to form a girl band and thus become professional musicians. A year later, having won national final in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the band performed at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev with the song Call Me (Zovi). Their first studio album, Feminnem Show, was named after a very popular TV show at the BHT1 channel of the national television of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which the girls hosted. Having released a number of hits, Feminnem won the status of the first girl band in the region. Pamela Ramljak and Neda Parmac have had to change the third member of the group two times since the founding of the band, but since the arrival of Nika Antolos, they are certain that this will be the permanent and final Feminnem. Apart from Branimir, they collaborated on the new album (Everything Is Easy) with the producer Luiz Rodriguez (Modern Talking) for the duet with the Spanish teen star Alex Manga, as well as with Freddie J. Cooper (Boyz II Men). At this year's Dora they secured their trip to Oslo by a maximum of votes both from the jury and the televote.

Everything is Easy

Everything is easy
Easy, everything is easy, whenever I have you
Believe me, wherever I am, I know that I'm yours
You can see it by the glow in my eyes

Easy, everything is easy, because you're not leaving me
When I'm not smiling at you, I know I'm making a mistake
Because I'm just a woman who surrenders

With last shred of strength now, I'm standing here before you
My soul is being torn up by storms of unrest
It's harder to come to terms with this pain
Because you were cheated and it's killing me

Easy, everything is easy, because you know me best
While I'm standing here before you, you can see I'm scared
Because betrayal is written on my face

While I'm standing here before you, you can see I'm scared
Please forgive me, I love you, really love you
I can't live without you, I'm no longer myself
I'm no longer myself

Believe me, wherever I am, I know that I'm yours
You can see it by the glow in my eyes
Easy, everything is easy

Is it Jane "Solitaire" Seymour
Or is it Pamela "Poker" Ramljak from Feminnem