"I have a certain position that gives me inner peace and relaxes me: standing on my hands"

Real name: Nuno Guilherme de Figueiredo Resende
Date of birth: 25 June 1973
Place of birth: Porto (Portugal)
Discography: 'La Teuf' (album, singles), 'La Belle et la Bête', 'Allez allez...' (artistically spoken not really my choice, but it was worth the effort), 'J'suis P'tit' (Belgium - video), 'Un seul mot d'amour' (video - M6), 'Les demoiselles' (B-side 1st single, album, live DVD)    
Virtues: generous, sociable, respectful to others
Vices: exigent to myself and to others
Talisman: rather than an object, I have a certain position that gives me inner peace and relaxes me: standing on my hands
Favourite song: Every song has its own soul and arouses intense feelings inside of me. Impossible to name just a few...
Favourite female singers: Dulce Pontes, Maurane, Lara Fabian, Isabelle Boulay, Céline Dion (good god)
Favourite film: Life is Beautiful
Favourite animal: a loyal and obedient dog (his name is Lucas)
Language skills: French, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian and a little bit of Dutch
Sports: volleyball, swimming, tennis, squash, indoor football and bicycling 
My motto of life: “Life is beautiful”. Cool!

At the age of twelve, he and his family migrated to Belgium. A fervent sports lover, Nuno received his degree in physical education. After his studies, he worked for some time as a salesman, then as a messenger boy… but music has always remained his first love. He started his career in the basement of his house, surrounded by his guitar and a couple of friends. He is the founder of several groups and his passion never wavers.

The Singer

Nuno is a fun guy. He loves the company of a good dog (preferably black) and believes that "every song has its own soul and arouses intense feelings inside of me". 
He beat one other singer in the Belgian pre-selection...a young girl by the name of Tiffany (not the 80's "I think we're alone now" popstress), so the pedigree really wasn't there to start with.
Portuguese quiff hair tm, a pink shirt and white jacket, an effect that makes him look like an 80's Michael Kamen-alike.

The Past

Fud and Bob took turns early on to fail miserably, and it took foetus Sandra Kim to finally put Belgium on the map in 1985. Before 1985, Belgium had been a tiny principality whose main export was cartoon stills, monk beer, and tortoiseshell rimmed eyeglasses. Since then they got their teeth into chocolate too. More appropriate mid-table obscurity followed though, until last year's surprising 2nd place for Urban Trad, again going to show that it only takes a peculiar dance routine to get close to winning Eurovision.

The Song
He looks very happy with himself during his video performance of this ballard. I can't fathom why, as this effort from the Lowlands lives up to it's altitude. Although Nuno's limited vocal range gamely assails us with great gusto, his material is abject. There is barely any musical interruption to his squealing throughout the entire song. This is most definitely one of the sure-fire non-qualifiers, and is more befitting of Monaco than the usually Europap happy Belgians.

Gestures - 2 Catatonic-like performance, which for a song like this, is deadly...
"Wanna" Count - 0 1 "want" (as translated from the French), but this doesn't count. Let's face it, France will never demean themselves so far as to include a "wanna" in their lyrics.

One of the stinkers of the contest. I have more chance packaging & marketing my knob cheese thereby becoming a serious competitor to the "Seriously Strong" cheddar company, than this has of getting close to the podium. It was Belgium's French speaking peoples turn to choose this year, and they chose poorly. Leave it to the Walloons, that's what I say.
More songs like this, and the Eurovision will rapidly cease to be "A Big Night". .

In a Nutshell
"More Big Shite than Big Night"

"The Shrink Says"

I intend, if time dictates, to explore the genetic flaws in foetal development of Belgian temporal lobes*. Taking into account Belgium’s dirge this year, it appears Nuno and his cohorts have chronically underdeveloped temporal lobes. Which concerns me, as they control decision making discussions on whether our bananas should be straight or not.  

*Temporal Lobes “The area of the brain involved with hearing. The temporal lobes are part of the central cortex and are locared above the ears. Interestingly, each lobe is responsible for hearing in the opposite ear – so the lobe on the left side of your brain is responsible for hearing from the right ear.”

Le Grand Soir

Ce soir, tous ces regards
La dans le noir, la peur et l'espoir
Ce soir, il n'est pas trop tard
De croire aux reves de gloire
Ce soir, une lumiere
Dans un eclair changait d'histoire
Ce soir, je l'ai prie
Je l'attendais, le grand soir

Ce soir, le souffle coup
Lange et lourd, ne pas decevoir
Ce soir, changer de trottoir
Ce soir, un nouveau depart
Et voir, toute sa vie
Tous ses amis en un regard
Ce soir, je fais un v?u
Je veux pour eux, le grand soir

Ce soir, on oublie tout
Les mauvais cours, les nuits de brouillard
Ce soir, c'est un autre jour
Ce soir, c'est en flammes tout
D'avoir comme un dimanche
Une revanche et le pouvoir
Ce soir, de l'appeler, de le chanter
Le grand soir

The Big Night

Tonight, all these looks
There in the dark, fear and hope
Tonight, it's not too late
To believe in dreams of glory
Tonight, a light
In a flash, to change the story
Tonight, I prayed for it
I waited for it, the big night

Tonight, the short breath
The stake is heavy, not to disappoint
Tonight, to change sidewalk
Tonight, a new start
And to see his entire life
All his friends in a glance
Tonight, I make a vow
A want for them, the big night

Tonight, we forget all
The bad paths, the misty nights
Tonight, it's another day
Tonight, all is in flames
To have as a Sunday
A revenge and the power
Tonight, to call it, to sing it
The big night

Prediction Semi Final 23rd
Final Don't Make It