"Thank you for being here, I know that you are not for sale too, because you are unique. Thank you."

Orlin Pavlov – vocals
Orlin Pavlov was born on 23 April 1979 in Sofia and is the son of opera singers. He studied theatrical art and graduated from the University of Drama Arts in the city of Plovdiv.
In 2001 he started his artistic career as a dancer – a profession that took him to many countries. In 2002, Orlin settled down in Sofia, opened a newspaper and read that Kaffe were searching for a vocalist. This was the beginning of his career as Kaffe’s frontman.

Georgi Yanev – guitar
Georgi Yanev was orn on 23 April 1977 in Blagoevgrad. When he was a teenager his parents moved to Russia and it was there that Georgi graduated from high school.
The next important step in his life was to pack his things and go to Berkley (USA) to study guitar in the world-famous Berkley College of Music. Georgi came back to Bulgaria in 1999 and – together with Valery Tsenkov – founded the band Badu, which after several transformations became Kaffe. Alongside his career as a musician, Georgi Yanev started to study psychology in Blagoevgrad’s University from which he has now graduated.

Milen Kukusharov – keyboard
Milen Kukusharov was born on 15 May 1978 in Plovdiv where he graduated from the College of Music. He started his career as keyboard player in a band called Infinity. In the last couple of years Milen has worked with many of the most famous Bulgarian musicians – Teodosi Spasov, Mitko Rupchev and Stefan Valdobrev – and he has been a member of Kaffe since 2002. He still studies at the Music Conservatory in Sofia.

Valery Tzenkov – drums
Valery Tzenkov, born on 3 September 1973, started to play different instruments when he was a child. He tried piano and guitar but his favourite was drums.
The study of drums brought him to the Music High School in Varna, later the Jazz Academy in Graz (Austria) and finally to the famous Berkley College of Music where he met Georgi Yanev.
Back in Bulgaria, Valery Tzenkov and Georgi Yanev founded the band Badu, which later became Kaffe.

Martin Tashev – trumpet
Martin Tashev was born on 9 July 1979 in Plovdiv. He graduated from Music College in Plovdic (trumpet) and is currently a student in the Music Conservatory in Sofia.
Together with Milen Kukosharov, Martin Tashev played in the band Infinity and – in 2002 – became a member of Kaffe for whom you can hear him on the trumpet and as a vocalist.
On Kaffe’s debut album, Martin even raps in Spanish.

Veselin Veselinov-Eko – bass guitar
Veselin Veselinov-Eko was born on 19 October 1963 in Sofia where he graduated from Music Conservatory (the bass guitar and the double bass).
Veselin has worked with world-famous musicians – amongst them Ivo Papazov Ibriama, Teodosi Spasov, Vasko Vasilev, Benny Paupin, Anatoli Vapirov, Yildiz Ibrahimova and Okay Temiz.
Veselin Veselinov-Eko is not only a brilliant guitarist but also a composer and music producer. He is the newest member of Kaffe.

The Singer

Leaving aside the national scandal that afflicted the pre-selection, I'm going to review Kaffe on the basis that they qualified fairly for Eurosong, and didn't in any way whatsoever manipulate the SMS voting procedure. With this in mind, the rest of the Bulgarian songs must have been the biggest pile of guano since...a fair while ago. The mind boggles, it really does.
The band itself is made up of five members with your usual strong CV's of conservatoires and constant touring.

The Past

Nope, no history, and after this, they may not have a future either.

The Song
You can feel the desperation here. It's tangible. Something is sadly wrong when a band insist on rhyming the title of a song with a low pressure weather condition. And then repeat the line with pride. The lyrics and music are without reproach this year in the plain miserable plaintive awfulness of it all. It's what you may dread to hear when you're stuck in a bad jazz club in Tipton on a midweek evening.
More appropriate however is that I reckon the song reflects the quality of performance that Lorraine "the new face of the UK Eurovision" Kelly gives on a day-to-day basis of UK television i.e. f#cking atrocious.

Gestures - 7 The video was well produced. The band standing by what looked like a classic Jag (I presume its now a classic car in Bulgaria), with a woman..in the rain...her name is Lorrain
"Wanna" Count - 0

I can't believe Bulgaria has finally decided to take the plunge with this interminable crap. Bottom three. Ignore my prediction below it can't be right. I've just forced myself to listen to it again and it's still as rotten as ever.

In a Nutshell
"I'd prefer Flo in the snow, or Skeet in the sleet etc"

"The Shrink Says"

Changing approach here, to see if I may empathise with the audience at this stage of proceedings. Kaffe are so bereft of anything apporaching talent, that I fear outbreaks of random narcolepsy developing during their performance of "Lorrain". The inability to control viewers sleep can develop to cause challenges in their everyday lives. As such, I must place a caveat on accommodating this particular chorale into your lives.


Standing here alone again
Waiting for the moment that we shared, my love
No matter how many lies you'll say
No matter how many miles you'll walk away from me

Here I am, all alone
Waiting for the moment again
But I know that you are gone

You've got to know that higher than the rain
Sweeter than pain
I can still remember Lorrain in the rain
Calling you again and again
Awake for your name
I can still remember Lorrain in the rain

Whispering your name again
Singing prayers among the stars for you're my sweet Lorrain
You've always given me some great times
But you imagine how will I survive away from him
My Lorrain, yeah

Here I am all alone
Waiting for the moment again
But I know that you are gone

You've got to know that higher than the rain
Sweeter than pain
I can still remember Lorrain in the rain
I'm calling you again and again
Awake for your name
I can still remember Lorrain in the rain

I can still remember, I can still remember
I can still remember in the rain
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

My sweet Lorrain
I can still remember Lorrain in the rain
I'm calling you again and again
Awake for your name
I can still remember Lorrain in the rain

I can still remember Lorrain in the rain

Prediction Semi Final 12th
Final Don't Make It

A Big scandal during the national final in Bulgaria. Two of the other competitors, Slavi Trifonov and Sofi Marinova, read out a statement criticizing BNT organization and mentioning that the voting is fixed in favour of Kaffe (that suddenly about 60000 SMS votes were added in their favour), and withdrew from competition. Some of the other performers (Kali, Az znam performers, Ustata) joined the statement, but all other songs were performed in full. The day before the final results were looking like this: Trifonov/Marinova 36.64%, Grafa 18.96%, Ustata 13.48%. Band Kaffe was on fifth place.

Slavi Trifonov's statement in full:
"Dear audience, I will not sing tonight, I just wanted to tell you few things, and I will speak for one reason: you've heard lies so many times in your life and I do not want you to take part in something, which will lie you one more time. This competition here tonight is a lie, there is no competition at all, the promoters are hiding and they don't want you to hear the truth. But you know me, and you know that I will tell you the whole truth.
The song which is going to win tonight will not represent a singer or a group - it will represent Bulgaria. To our regret, the winner tonight won't be real (legitimate), the winner will be bought. The cost of that purchase is high, more than 50 000 leva (25 000 Euro). The winners tonight will be my friends - group Kaffe. Until tonight, for three weeks they have gained only 3 000 calls&SMSs, but today from 12:00PM till now (21:00) they have generated more than 60 000 votes - 10 -12 000 for every hour. These results are unmatched. The technology of this fraud is: huge amounts of SIM cards are bought, several hundred persons had used them, voting for the right ones.
This vote is sold, this victory is sold and this is not fair for everyone participating in this competition. It is not fair for Vasil Naidenov, not fair for Orlin Goranov, it is not fair for Kali, it is not fair for, as they called her - "gipsy" Sofi Marinova. It is not fair for our country, because this song will not represent Bulgaria, but the money of one person. Actually - we are selling our country. For me and my colleagues - our country is not for sale. We are not selling Bulgaria even for 50 000 leva. Bulgaria is not for sale because it is only one (unique) (The Slavi&Sofi song is called "Only one"). Thank you for being here, I know that you are not for sale too, because you are unique.
Thank you."

Thanks to www.esc.ruz.net for all the invaluable information from the east