"of course it will be dominated by this utterly unique voice..."

On November 18th, 1982, Gracia Arabella Baur (who, like her twin sister, owes her name to the actress Gracia Patricia von Monaco, a.k.a. Grace Kelly) was born in Munich. She discovered her love for music early on,and founded her first band in her fourth year at school. At the age of 14 Gracia started taking singing lessons in Munich and soon took part in talent contests all over Germany.

In the talent show ‘Pop Idol' she became the Queen of Hearts. Once the TV show was over, the (platinum) single ‘We Have A Dream’ came out, and then the three-times platinum album ‘United’, on which all the ‘Pop Idol’ colleagues performed under the name of United Superstars. 
During that time, workaholic Gracia starting to make progress in her solo career. Her first single ‘I don’t think so’ reached number 3. A follow-up single, ‘I believe in miracles’, climbed to number 15, and finally in November 2003 her debut album ‘Intoxicated’ went to number 10.

The innovative work of Gracia and David was a success from the start. At the end of January this year the brand new single ‘Run & Hide’ was released along with the accompanying video, which was shot in Miami. It’s a wonderful, enthralling song with a truly catchy tune, a memorable chorus, a rocking base, and of course the voice of Gracia, which is as strong as it is beguiling. Unsurprisingly, the album entered the German charts at number 20.

But an interesting situation has emerged, because producer David Brandes is also responsible for the success of women’s quartet Vanilla Ninja, who will represent Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest finals in Kiev. However the two acts don’t regard each other as competition. On the contrary, they are firm friends. They sing background vocals for each other and even go on tour together in Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Gracia will open the Vanilla Ninja shows as special guest.

22-year-old Gracia is more fascinating, energetic and powerful than ever! She continues to work hard on new songs. Plans for the new album are in full swing. It will be rocking, multi-facetted, and have a very broad range of styles. And of course it will be dominated by this utterly unique voice.

The Singer

Named after Grace Kelly, 22 year old Gracia seems to have got lucky when "sparks flew" with her manager, and a successful "working relationship" was born. Oh aye? Dirty old man!
It looks like she's had a bit of pop success in her native country, which surprisingly is in short supply in this years contest.

And remember, "Gracia is more fascinating, energetic and powerful than ever!"

The Past

The only modern-day success for Germany was "A little peace" in 1982. Let's hope they hold onto that sentiment for a little longer. Cheap shot, I know. Another nation that hardly ever fail to entertain, the contest would not be same without the Germans.
Rather peculiarly considering their earnest national stereotyping, the Germans are one of the more likely to send a loon to the party, the kind of joker that puts a fake severed finger in the finger food. Recently Gulido, Stefan, and Lou have all warmed the cockles of my heart, proudly grasping the true sentiment of the contest, namely unadulterated Leerdammer cheesiness.
A bloke called Ralf Siegel has written most of recent German songs (or as Terry put it "since the days of the Weimar Republic"), and he consistently raised the bar of nonsensical behaviour and sailed over it time and time again. I like Germany in Eurovision. It's fun.

The Song
For the second year on the bounce, Germany have given us another middle of the road effort, this time with heavy guitars and backing artistes with unnecessarily unwashed long hair. As is increasingly apparent with the other "big four", the security of not having to qualify for the final is breeding a certain complacency. You don't really expect it from Germany, but this song really has no chance of winning.
Her name may be Gracia, but I don't think the Spanish will be thanking Germany for this song.

Gestures - 10 Bedecked in the standard black clothing of a soft rock wannabe, Gracia's dress sense distressingly brings Cher to mind. So don't be surprised if she steps out with a cheese wire crotch protector. If she does, she get a couple of gestures from me...two hands in front of my face.
"Wanna" Count - 0

Expect tight fitting Gracia emblazoned T-shirts from their points announcer in Bremen
Apparently she has an utterly unique voice. That may be so, but unfortunately her singing is as commonplace as a Manchester United fan who has never been to Manchester.
I have to give Germany the benefit of the doubt though, so let us all hope that Gracia's performance isn't going to make for car-crash TV.

In a Nutshell
"'High Noon'...'High Society'...'Low-grade' "

"The Shrink Says"

Pollyannaish Gracia Baur (a characteristic whereby someone is very upbeat and/or optimistic, even unrealistically optimistic in the face of negative events), soft rocks her way through a song which seems to confront her flawed relationship of co-dependency, where our be-mulleted singer appears to be protecting her drug pushing other half.

"Captured in a mess - night and day
All the streets you walk - they lead astray
You deal
With all the pain you feel"

This spiral of self-destruction and dependency will continue unless she can truly face the cause of her attraction to this man, of course namely her relationship with her father, a quantity surveyor from Baden-Wurttemberg.

Run and Hide

Twenty Five Dollars – wasted on youGot you out of trouble – but you’ll soonCome by
For another try

You’re a friend of mine – and I knowOnly crooked places – you can goYour eyes
Conveyed too many lies

You’d better run and hideToo many girls have cried
Oh no no no no why
Do I feel sorry
You’d better run and hideToo many dreams have died
Oh no no no no why
Do I still worry

Twenty five Dollars – I payed the billAnd they let you go – but you are stillNot free
I guess you won’t ever be…
Captured in a mess – night and dayAll the streets you walk – they lead astrayYou deal
With all the pain you feel

You’d better run and hide
Too many girls have cried
Oh no no no no why
Do I feel sorry
You’d better run and hide
Too many dreams have died
Oh no no no no why
Do I still worry

Twenty five reasons – to leave youBut I’m still feeling – kinda blueInside
Watching our worlds collide

Baby gotta see you – as you areWipe the rest of yearing – out of my heartAnd try
To say that last goodbye

You’d better run and hideToo many girls have cried
Oh no no no no why
Do I feel sorry
You’d better run and hideToo many dreams have died
Oh no no no no why
Do I still worry

Prediction Semi Final They're one of the Big 4. They don't have to sing today!
Final 10th