Name: Maximilian Nepomuk Mutzke
Age: 22 
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Place of birth: Krenkingen
Date of birth: 21.05.1981
Lives in: Waldshut (Hochrhein)
Occupation: Student, Singer
Marital status: lives with girlfriend Nazu
Siblings: 5 (Stefan, Moritz, Menzel, Miriam, Mertel) A veritable Von Trapp Family

As Maximilian Mutzke went to Cologne end of 2003 to audition for the SSDSGPS casting, he would not have believed to end as official Eurovision representative. Five months later, he became one of the best-knows voices of Germany. His song Can't wait until tonight, composed by Stefan Raab for the Eurovision Song Contest, hit no. 1 in the German charts immediately after release. Max is still surprised about his success. Though, his musical history is long. Since summer of 2000, Max is the lead singer of jazz-and-funk-band Project Five. The 22 years old spend two years visiting the renowned jazz-and-rock-school in Freiburg.

His mum discovered his singing talents when Max was six. Max dad, a drummer since 40 years, often took his little son to the rehearsals of his band. Max soon started to learn playing the drums too and improved his singing skills, although he never took singing lessons. His idols are, amongst others: Tower of Power, Maze, James Brown, Incognito and Nils Landgren. His hobbies are inline skating, freeclimbing and motocross.

The Singers
The German public are very keen on this man. And for the life of me, I just can't see why.  
I do worry for Max though, for at only 22 years old, he seems to be losing his hair rather early on in life. It may be the weight of expectation that the nation's peoples on putting on his young shoulders. After all, he's currently doing his A Levels. Poor chap.

The Past
The only modern-day success for Germany was "A little peace" in 1982. Let's hope they hold onto that sentiment for a little longer. Cheap shot, I know.
Another nation that hardly ever fail to entertain, the contest would not be same without the Germans. 
Rather peculiarly considering their earnest national stereotyping, the Germans are one of then more likely to send a loon to the party, the kind of joker that puts a fake severed finger in the finger food. Recently Gulido, Stefan, and Lou have all warmed the cockles of my heart, proudly grasping the true sentiment of the contest, namely unadulterated Leerdammer cheesiness.
A bloke called Ralf Siegel has written most of recent German songs (or as Terry puts it "since the days of the Weimar Republic"), and he consistently raised the bar of nonsensical behaviour and sailed over it time and time again. I like Germany in Eurovision. It's fun.

The Song

It's a bit like a poor Paul Weller, after he went all "soulful" and "acoustic" (otherwise known as w#nk). The "do do do do's" will not help either. They just fill in for a lack of lyrics.
The type of song most usually heard at 4am in a suburban music club, during an open mike session, and sung by men for their "layday" in their life, when in fact there probably isn't one, since they call their girlfriends "baaaby" and "my layday" all the time.

"na na na" factor - Low
"do do do" factor - High


They've failed to entertain. Of all the nations you can rely on, Germany have let me down as well. 
The draw for the running order put Max in the middle, thereby ensuring 3 minutes of topping up glasses, and millions of lost viewers. Most fans predict bottom place for Austria this year, but I reckon their Teutonic neighbours have a stronger shout for that accolade.

In a Nutshell
"Good job he's got his A Levels to fall back on"


Can't Wait Until Tonight

Don't wanna talk about the way I am
I only try to make you understand
That my affection is so really true
And my heart has started thumpin' since I met you

I just can't wait until tonight baby
'Til I have you by my side baby
I just can´t wait until tonight baby
For being with you
Do do do do do

First time I saw you it just knocked me down
The way you smiled has turned my life around
I never thought that it would catch me so
I'll get my head together cause I want you to know

I just can´t wait until tonight baby
'Til I have you by my side baby
I just can't wait until tonight baby
For being with you
Do do do do do

True love won't be afraid of no one
True love will lead us through the day
I'll get my head together
And I want you to say

I just can´t wait until tonight baby
'Til I have you by my side baby
I just can't wait until tonight baby
For being with you
Do do do do do


Prediction Semi Final N/A
Final 14th

A receding Maximillian
and bald spot spotter

Simon Pegg
of "Shaun of the Dead"